S1900 getting a new lease on life !

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Acquired this 1979 IH S1900 from my father, it was a boom truck in his company,  pulled lots of underground cable in its life.  Sat the last 20 years as a yard bird.  Service box was rotten beyond repair.  I really like the look of the truck but hated the boom attachment, we removed it from the truck this weekend, and had it sold in a day online.  The truck has a cool shorty look to it as a cab and chassis truck.  I bought another cab for it as the original had rust on the rocker on the driver side as well as the front mounts were weak.  Not to mention some ungrateful teenagers smashed the front windshield, both door windows as well as caved in the roof !!!  I plan to change the cab, repaint it the same Color and restripe it the same.  I bought new front rims and tires to replace the split rims.  It has a gas engine, my question is how do I identify what model v8 engine it is ?  Thanks










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It will have a 404 or a 446 V8, they look identical so you have to find the numbers.

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That will be neat when your done,  Keep us in the loop with pictures along the way please.

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