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1206 prices??!!

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OK, got the JD thing off my mind and will contribute my brief 1206 story. September 1969, I was in charge of getting a vehicle to pull our JR class float in the homecoming parade. Got a classmate to do it but he had to cancel at the last minute. Clock is running, remember the neighbor I helped in the summer just traded his 806 off for a new 1206 at Fountains IH in Beresford, SD. Drove out to the farm where they were cutting silage--1206 in shed, 4020 on cutter! Yes, he said, go ahead and take it to town, and what a sweet ride that was. Got her hooked up to the float but I was in the marching band and couldn't drive it :wacko: so my buddy got a quick shifting lesson and away we went. Still trying to find a picture of that tractor all shined up with 2 hours on the meter. By the way, the 806 was bought back and I put many summer hours on both of those tractors. 

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