tony in ca.

Old F-20 got an abreviated tour

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  Our Forum member OLD F-20 , Ryan Peters came visit me on way to Peltzer  Auction in Porterville, Ca.

     Had couple nice dinners together and some visiting done .

      After Auction ,Where He bought a original OS4 ,  I took him for more sight seeing.

      This picker is all serviced and ready to pick cotton.  I pointed out all the attachments to make that MD a picker tractor.

        BTW ,that Holt 75 sold for 310.000.00.





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Believe that is the first MD that I have seen under a picker Tony.   The MD's were few and far between over here in the Delta.

Picker sure looks to be in good shape.


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    Yes, I told old f-20 if you had a md cotton picker in the day ,you were considered a BTO . lol

       This one belongs to my I.H. friend James, from Tulare , I believe it was a family machine that they had in the weeds .

        He decided to get it running and serviced to pick a few rows this year.

      My other friend John from Tulare had his at the Tulare County fair and I did the demo's to the kids with it . He is also preparing it for picking this year. Last I saw him he was shimming the bars. John' s is a M gas.

   I would love to find a M,SM, or 400  on L.P. under picker good enough to restore. Then when we show them together at Tulare show we would have the three fuels.  Our group already has three 55W hay balers . all have subtle differences.



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