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red tractor fever

State IH Show Iowa 2014

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Was looking at some pictures yesterday and decided to share a few. I'm trying to abide by the new FORUMS RULES someone posted about wanting more pictures.😀 Well here's three pictures of a couple loads of tractors I hauled to the State IH Show in Belmond, Iowa in August of 2014. The feature was H's, M's, and 06 series. These tractors are owned by several people so I'm going to give descriptions of each. I want to give credit to those who need it. These are NOT all mine. I just had the pleasure of hauling these babies. The owner of the 450 in the second and third pictures said it looked impressive when we arrived. So forgive me please if this gets long winded. I'm a sucker for details and I know some others on here are to so here we go. 

Picture 1 from front to back. 1944 Farmall H with a Heisler 9 speed transmission serial number 153395. Then a 1949 Farmall M with a Heisler 9 speed transmission serial number 209450. Next another 1949 Farmall M serial number 209408. And on the back a 1966 1206 with a serial number of 12348. The front two are owned by RED TRACTOR FEVER. The back two are owned by NEPOWESHIEKFARMALLS. And if you noticed the numbers on both 49 M's. There pretty close. We'd been wanting to get them together for awhile. When I found out the feature was what it was the game was on. I played mobile tire repair man to. 209408 had bad tubes. They were leaking chloride and wouldn't stay up. So the afternoon before hauling them up red tractor fever fixed tires for nepoweshiekfarmalls. And one more thing. These two M's live 27 miles apart.

Pictures 2 and 3 are obviously the same load. I'll start up on the deck. That's my dad in laws Super MTA serial number 63135.. He bought it in 64 when he started farming. If you look closely it's got a dry element air filter on it. I think it's M&W. I've only ever seen one other. It was for sale on Yesterday's Tractor for $50.00. Don't know why I didn't buy it but I didn't. 😠Next up is a 450 serial number 619 with factory spin out wheels. It's owned by some great friends of ours. The next one is what we call GRANDPA'S MTA. My wife's grandfather bought it new and it's still on the same farm. It's got M&W pistons in it. It's a horse for sure. The serial number on it is 65382. And on the back is my 826-13344. A Louisville Super M serial number 6521 was supposed to go but I ran out of time to get it ready. So the 826 got to go. And it turned out to be a good thing. An older gentleman was there that sold his 826 many years ago and regretted it everyday since. His son asked me if his dad could sit on mine which of course was fine. I wish we could've gotten a picture of it. However we were on our way home with the first load when it probably happened. So in the end the 826 needed to go. Everything happens for a reason.

Hope you guys have enjoyed my ramblings. 


Belmond 1.jpg

Belmond 2a.jpg

Belmond 2.jpg

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Thanks, Fever!  I enjoyed that show very much.  The first show that my future wife spent with me!  I will try to post some pics I took that weekend. 

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