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Troublshooting a TD9 - engine


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This thread is showing my process of troubleshooting the issues I have run up against in getting my TD9 operational...

I was given this TD9 by a neighbor who had left it sitting for over 7 years.

My location is Southern Oregon where we do get a fair amount of rain.

Another neighbor helped me push the TD9 down to my property to work on.

After getting it here, it sat for another 2 years until I was able to get working on it.

I ordered 3 books from Binderbooks.com; these are copies of the original books.

1) Operations Manuel TD9 (1949)

2) Service Manuel and parts catalog "International Diesel Injection Pumps"

3) Service Manuel: "CHS-2 Crawler Tractors"


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10 minutes ago, steve cleveland said:

What shape is it in, is the engine free? 

No it is not... I wrote out several pages of process and then it suddenly got erased... so I quit for now. I will write it all out again so that everybody will get to see the process I am following.... thanks

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