New BLD 269 Engine Block Found

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Hi, while cleaning out my parent’s granary I found a mint condition International BLD 269 engine block & pistons, crank & cam shafts (factory assembled).

Still packed in original assembly lube this engine block has never been run and was likely purchased for a Loadstar International truck directly from the factory in Chicago, circa 1970. Wrapped in plastic on its original freight plank, this block sat undisturbed for approximately 47 years underneath hundreds of grain seed sacks in the family barn outside Walla Walla, Washington. So airtight was the packing in a dry environment, that there is absolutely no surface rust on the machined surfaces after all these years. Pristine!

Appreciate any information on the value of this and any other details on the engine. It was a cool find! Thank you!







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What happened to the truck it was intended for?

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