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Got a new one....lined them up


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Picked up a 42 M today. Pretty nice shape, but it has a stumble when running and might have water leak.

Previous owner thinks that the governor spring is weak causing the stumble. Also said the head gasket was replaced after finding some water in the oil, but isn't sure if it was fixed. 

Rubber is OK, rears have some cracks. Semi recent repaint. Distillate tank still in place. 12 v conversion. Canopy. 

Got a good enough price on it that even if I had to pull the engine for a new block, it was still worth the buy.

Figured it was time for a new group photo, so lined up my red iron collection. None of them are perfect and but they all run well other than the M. Of course about 20 minutes after these pics I blew a steering hose on the 766. Ah well.

Thanks all. 





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