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Hi guys. New to these forums and thought I would introduce myself through my latest project build. I picked up an IH power unit at an Amish farm auction last Thursday. I need to build a cart to move it around in my shop so I started that project today. Here is the unit. It is complete except for a crank and the plug wires. I am looking for a crank if anyone has a spare to sell. I took off the tank and sheet metal so it wouldn't get damaged when I loaded it on my trailer.




I started the cart build with a couple of Simplicity garden tractor axles and some square tubing and angle iron. I still need to add mounting pads for the power unit and a tongue and steering linkage to complete the cart.








When I get it done and the unit running I will clean everything up and paint it. For now, I just need an easy way to move the unit around my shop. I am a retired truck mechanic and heavy truck driver and projects like this will fill my "spare" time for now. Hope to be a frequent contributor to these forums....Dave


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Welcome aboard. 

Are you planning on powering anything with it when your done ?

neat little cart your building. 

Would be cool if you built linkage to tie the steering together on both axles. Don't see that very often. 

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65806; yes, four wheel steering is the intent. Going over a linkage plan in my head now and I think it can be done. Tie in link will have to be between the power unit bottom and the cart rails but I think I can do that. Not planning on powering anything at the present time; just take to shows along with my M363 Continental engine pictured here.


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Nice , post more photo , 

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You gonna pull that cart around with a perfectly good motor sitting on it ??   That just don't make sense :D

Just kidding and welcome aboard Dave !!!!  Nice project (looking for a U7 unit myself )

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