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Farmall standard H & C / Super C wide front end compatibility

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I have a buddy that just recently purchased an "H" and he says that the guy he purchased it from put the wide front on it and that it came off a "C / Super C".  Is this accurate to say that the "C" wide front will fit on an "H"?  Just wondering and would like to see what others may know about this!  Thanks!

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6 hours ago, Duckman328 said:

That is what I thought but I didn't want to go calling the guy a liar for something I was unfamiliar with!  Thanks for the input sir!

The two similarities between the wide fronts on a C and H are that the tube is mounted Infront of the grill and the steering linkage is Infront of that even. Some may not notice the difference.

And then again it could be adapted between the two in either direction from H-C or C-H 

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18 minutes ago, Duckman328 said:

I am going to go take a look at this tractor myself and see what is going on.  I have personally not put my eyes on it yet.  It has all been hearsay.  Don't the Schwartz have the tie-rods behind and the original farmalls have the tie-rods in front?  Or is it vice versa?

you are correct the schwartz wide front is in back and the factory tie rods are in front.

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