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TD340 Parts For Sale

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I have a complete TD340 that I have began disassembling. The dozer was 99% complete. I was in the process of restoring when 2 weeks ago the crankshaft broke while I was using it. I refuse to scrap it. Parts were extremely difficult to come by so I wanted to help out the members here. I have been a lurker for a year or so and I have learned so much valuable information here. It was only missing 3 track pads I believe and the seat is rotted. I replaced the pivot brake pads less than a month ago and have less than 3 hours of use on them.The undercarriage is in good shape. You can barely feel any wear on the bushings. If you are interested in any parts please let me know. 





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do you still have the engine? I might be interested in it if it's complete, broken crank and all. if so let me know what you want for it. thanks

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Do you still have td340 parts available  I am checking cause it now 2019 I need the complete top transmission cover shift forks. Steering levers  brake away I have an excellent machine but missing top cover stolen scrap metal theirs if still have that assy like to hear from ya thanks for the post

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