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New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC and a 986, 1086, 1586, and a 7130


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24 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

That’s pretty special. A lot of times that is a once in a lifetime chance. Congratulations!

It was a once in a lifetime chance   

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Speaking from someone who owns a farm that's been in the family longer than Michigan has been a state. It's a major accomplishment to get control of ancestral land.

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Thanks everyone, I knew you guys would know what this meant to me.  It’s just rough ole southern Indiana pasture ground and woods but I wouldn’t trade it for anything and when I’m gone my little girl can have it.  

Lucky kid,  a few acres of rough pasture and some junky red tractors, quite the inheritance lol 

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On 8/12/2021 at 10:41 AM, B.B. said:

It's not tractor related but I was able to buy a piece of the original farm and that was finalized as of last week.   The part in pink is the 86 acres I previously owned, and the part in orange is the 46 acres I was able to purchase from my Aunt's estate.  The 20 acre field was broken into (3) 6 acre patches several years ago so I now own 2/3rds of it, and 3 40 acre squares.    The other 40 acre square to the north of my two, and the the other 1/3rd of that 20 belong to another aunt and I doubt I will ever be able to regain control of them.  She was the wife of my deceased uncle (dad's brother) and has no other family connection to want to let me acquire it other than pay full market price. 


I know it's not tractor related, but I feel safe sharing here, and I know my tractor buddy's will understand how ecstatic I am about getting this back and more importantly keeping an outsider from buying it.   I paid for the property and I own it outright but it took just about every cent I had... But I'm stoked! 

Baker Farm .jpg

My aunt has put the other 47 acres up for sale after they stripped all the timber off it.   349K.  Only about 5 or 6 acres of it is even good for pasture ground.  

I would love to have it but there's no ROI on that kind of investment unless you have the funds sitting and just plan to sit on it for 50 years.   Rent on the ground would be less than 1000 a year which would cover taxes. 

In the picture above it's the 7 acres north of my two pieces of the 20 acre field, and then the 40 directly north of my two stacked 40's.  

Did I mention she got this ground given to her because her husband was my dad's brother?  349K and that's down from her original ask of 400K 




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