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IH 1026 S/N Registry

Long Farms

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Mr. Long, I have a 1026 for your registry. Serial# 9649 resides in Highmore, SD in my front yard. Hours unknown as somebody installed a tach from a gear drive for some reason. No gold demo, no cab, wedgelock wheels(where those unusual on a 1026?), 3pt. hitch. If you want more info, let me know.

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I was the owner of I 9559 and registered it with you when it was located in Rosetown Sk. Canada.  I sold the tractor to a jockey some time ago and was reading your list to see if it had resurfaced.  I have no idea where it is now or who owns it.  

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4 hours ago, Flessnerfarms said:

No it does not.  It's not stuck tho. The hydro is out of it also. Unfortunately I won't have time to get to it till this summer maybe. Just started our 826 project. Wasn't necessarily looking for another project but can't pass up a deal on a 1026 10 miles from home!

Your right, 10 miles from home, you don’t pass those deals up!!! Good luck with your projects!! Post progress of both, we like pictures here!! There a fellow here collecting 826 serial numbers as well, if you post that with pictures, he will appreciate that!!

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