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Injector pump rebuild help


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Td9 starting valves

By 1945 IH TD-9,  August 17, 2017


Check out this thread from August of this year in this same Board.. Deals with stuck starting valves ..

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On ‎10‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 6:51 PM, north of 60 said:

If you think the starting valve on #1 cylinder is not closing, you can check to see if it is stuck by removing the valve cover. There is a cup type piece above each starting valve that gets pushed down onto the starting valve to open it when you are in gas mode.

When in diesel mode, the cups  should be free from any pressure, and a spring under the cup pushes the starting starting valve up to close it.. 

These cups, or moving parts under them, can be stuck, and even though there is nothing pushing  or holding them down, they don't  Mive back up under the spring pressure, and your starting valve stays open when it should be closed .. 

With the valve cover off, and the engine in diesel mode, you should be able to put some gentle pressure on the cup with a pry bar or large screw driver. It should move down, if it does the starting valve is closed and is opening properly. If there is no movement under some applied pressure, it is likely stuck. You can also do a visual check of the cups to see if they are all sitting at the same height. If one is lower than the others in diesel mode it is likely stuck open. 

If it is stuck, you can likely get it to release with some good penetrating fluid or ATF/acetone mix, and some gentle tapping on the cup. I would suggest a wood dowel as a punch if you need to get more aggressive .. 

Good luck .. 

Great idea, thanks... will try it Wed and see what happens

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I AM STILL STRUGGLING WITH THIS... UGH! Ok, I ended up getting the head rebuilt, after that I was able to get the crawler working on gas and it even started up on diesel... the bad part is that it only worked on 2 cyl's...

Okay, here I am right now on the progress of getting this thing working. I ended up pulling the head and having it rebuilt, I had to replace several of the valves and once this was completed and the head was put back on the engine, not only was able to get it operational in gas mode, I was able to get it started switched over to diesel. So here's where the next problem comes in; it only worked on two cylinders on the diesel side. So with more troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that cylinders one and two were not getting enough fuel pressure as exhibited in cylinders three and four. In reviewing these symptoms, the only thing that could cause this issue would be the distributor valve block. It is my understanding that when you take the block off there is a channel underneath it that appears to be a fuel drain off for leakage from the block that I think goes back to the scavenger valve and then it is pushed back into the fuel supply. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Another side issue that I am saying is that there is a lot of fuel being deposited into the fuel pump oil reserve which is indicating that either the distributor valve It's that rest on the camshaft has worn seals, or the distributor valve seals are worn, especially in cylinders one and two, that is allowing for the pressure to be released past the seals down into the oil reserve section.

So the next part or issue that I have is that I am going to have to take the distributor block apart which means I'm going to have to figure out how to take the discharge fittings off the block in order to get into the valves, at least I think. I do have a book on the injector pump which is supposed to be an OEM, but it's not giving me a lot of detail other than the fact that I need a highly specialized attachment which is of course not available. So I have two options at this point, the first option is to see if anybody here has some sort of trick or way of getting discharge fittings off the block, the second option is to find somebody or some company that can rebuild it for a reasonable charge... Being that I am retired I do not have a substantial income.

Any thoughts and comments would be more than appreciated, thank you very much.


IH injector pump 1.jpg

IH injector pump 2.jpg

IH injector pump 3.jpg

IH injector pump 4.jpg

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all has been covered many years back do outside search of here for MB CAT

gummed up and scavenge valve stuck

some can get by with a good cleaning and few NLA parts per MBCAT

red oak iowa is 1 of   few left   $$$$ is subjective,                               buy /borrow a RPM issue

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Well, ended up getting a head job on it and that fixed most of the issues... in fact, it now runs on cyl 3 & 4 when I switch it over.... the currently problem is that there isn't enough fuel being pumped to cyl 1 & 2... Since the other two are working fine, I would think that the problem is in the distribution block or the lower section of the pump where the push rods are (the push rods are not pushing the valves open enough for a proper supply of fuel to get through). The second issue can be checked with a gage, the first issue I have no clue as to how to take the D Bolck apart because of the special spline tool that is needed.

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