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Td9 starting valves

By 1945 IH TD-9,  August 17, 2017


Check out this thread from August of this year in this same Board.. Deals with stuck starting valves ..

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On ‎10‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 6:51 PM, north of 60 said:

If you think the starting valve on #1 cylinder is not closing, you can check to see if it is stuck by removing the valve cover. There is a cup type piece above each starting valve that gets pushed down onto the starting valve to open it when you are in gas mode.

When in diesel mode, the cups  should be free from any pressure, and a spring under the cup pushes the starting starting valve up to close it.. 

These cups, or moving parts under them, can be stuck, and even though there is nothing pushing  or holding them down, they don't  Mive back up under the spring pressure, and your starting valve stays open when it should be closed .. 

With the valve cover off, and the engine in diesel mode, you should be able to put some gentle pressure on the cup with a pry bar or large screw driver. It should move down, if it does the starting valve is closed and is opening properly. If there is no movement under some applied pressure, it is likely stuck. You can also do a visual check of the cups to see if they are all sitting at the same height. If one is lower than the others in diesel mode it is likely stuck open. 

If it is stuck, you can likely get it to release with some good penetrating fluid or ATF/acetone mix, and some gentle tapping on the cup. I would suggest a wood dowel as a punch if you need to get more aggressive .. 

Good luck .. 

Great idea, thanks... will try it Wed and see what happens

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