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Farmall MV High Crop

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My dad just passed away recently and I am taking care of the farm and all his stuff for my mom. He had a MV high crop tractor which he had restored probably 15-20 years ago. It is not stuck but hasn't run for a while.  We have no ideal what a tractor like that may be worth or really anything about a tractor like that. We farm in Kentucky and their just aren't any of those tractors around. He also has an F-14 electric start with round fenders that was restored but hasn't run for several years as well. I could get pictures if that would help but could someone steer me in the right direction? I appreciate any help or knowledge someone could give me on these tractors.

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I'm sure pictures would help figure out a value if you have them available. Welcome to the forum. Someone will have more idea on values I'm sure. 

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Finally got those pictures of the MV and F-14. I have all the sheet metal for the MV and it is in good shape. As said before neither tractor runs. Just looking for any information that can be given for either tractor and an ideal of what these tractors may be worth, either as is or running. Thanks for any help.




f-14 1.JPG

f-14 2.JPG

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Around here a regular M with tires in that condition and not running is a $500 tractor. Running would add a couple hundred. Being your is an MV would bring more $$ but i am not sure how much. I would guess double but i am not sure..

I dont know on the F 14. Maybe about the same price as an M??

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