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case 585

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my case 585 has a inline filter before the fuel filters no 1 is that allright no 2 should that plastic filter be clear full of fuel  or just running through it  as fuel is needed  also this tractor runs real good for a few min then starts missing  no 3  when you look into tank i see some air bubbles  no 4 can i blow back into my fuel tank with an air hose at the inline filter to make sure nothing is cloged in tank thanks for your time help is needed

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clear filters do not always run full...simple enough to try a new one

will not hurt anything but PO must have suspected ......

most of those tanks and fittings need a through cleaning  and some draw from the non fill side so it looks like 1/2 full when you are out with cross over plugged   clean everything good, fill to 3/4 leave cap off and try   then tighten and confirm cap vent clean also

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