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Need Loadstar Info

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On 4/13/2017 at 7:01 PM, DOCTOR EVIL said:

I think you are REALLY selling the DT-466 short.  Mr. Goodwrench,  shop manager at the company I drove for told me about a regional east coast trucking company that used DT-466 powered tandem tractors instead of V-6 Detroit's like 6V-92TTA's,  6-71's, 290 Cummins, etc.  They used 13 speed RoadRangers and the drivers were O-K with the performance and average fuel economy was almost double what they got before the switch to the DT-466.  Engine life was 200,000-250,000 miles and a complete new or rebuilt engine would be installed in A DAY.  That trucking company was written up in the IH truck dealer's monthly news magazine.  Mr. GoodWrench had been Shop Service Mgr at Riverside IH Trucks on West River Drive in Davenport, Iowa. before coming to work managing our shop.

Really, the DT-466 replaced the V-266?  That was an early Scout & half ton pickup engine only wasn't it?  And discontinued in the 1970's?  I remember reading here I think it was International discontinued all specific 266 engine parts not shared with 304/345 engines,  bet that was ten years ago.

The 6-71's do deserve a place in truck history,  in a museum with a pile of oil dry under it.  The guys that kept them running back in the 1960's and 1970's are all gone now.

I have to laugh at these Military and Marine ratings.  Yes, an unlimited supply of cold water makes overheating almost impossible,  but doubling HP doubles stress.  I'd hate to have my life depend on a 485 HP 6-71!  The tired old specimens I've driven barely got me home making +/-200 HP!

If you don't like the DT-466 there's always the DT-530 & 570 by whatever Max-Force name International calls them now.  I could see someone bad mouthing the T444E, the 7.3 L V-8, or the 6.0L and 6.4L,  but saying those things about the DT-466 is like saying the LT-1 350 Chevy engine was junk!  I remember the day the Traffic Manager at IH Melrose Park suggested we put Detroit engines in Farmall tractors.  Oliver tried that with little success.

Agreed completely

We have a 466 powered twin screw dump truck with a 10 speed.

We also have a twin screw with a 671 and it has a 10 speed. The engine was recently OH when we got it . It's dog. Hold it to the floor and it doesn't matter if you are going down hill , in a school zone, and if the crossing guard was your ex girlfriend and had a grudge against you there is still no way to get a ticket speeding with that 671.

We have 4 of those 671, all with blowers. In a Gardner Denver 750cfm air compressor, terex C6 dozer, galion 600 grader, and the IH truck. They all lack any torque

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