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1 hour ago, red tractor fever said:

The Tennessee one was a repeat. I will head over to Machinery Pete's and check it out. Thanks guys.

FYI - I don't believe its on his for sale board.  This was a story he did about a guy that restored a family tractor.  Its on youtube for sure.

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I just went and played the video. No mention of the serial number. I think I heard it was ordered in May of 1970 so it can't be 15699 as mine are December 1970 built tractors. I did send off a email to Machinery Pete asking if he knew the number or could get it. Figured it was worth a shot.

And I just checked, 8853 is in the list. 

Thanks for all the numbers and leads everyone has given. 

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B.B. Thanks for sharing that as I'm not on Facebook myself. Its been added. 

Rainman. 11879 is on Yesterday's Tractor tonight as well. This was a great guy to call. He's got 2 other 826's at his place and he thinks one of them is in the 15,000 range. He's planning on calling me back in the morning with those numbers. And I just sent a text on your Craigslist ad in Wisconsin. I kinda remembered his number and the funky paint job this one has. I apologized if it was my second inquiry. But haven't heard back yet. Thank you.

Matt. Thanks for the post. Haven't checked the list yet but will shortly and take the appropriate action. 

Been thinking of making a post just to get it back to the top and you guys did it for me. Thanks for that. And I'm pleased to inform the followers here I'm currently waiting for approximately 10 serial numbers out of Minnesota. I called one guy for his 826 Wheatland. He knew of 6-7 within spitting distance, his words not mine, of his place. And another guy up there knows of three in salvage yards. He's gonna check on them when the weather gets better. I realize we don't know if 15699 is in Minnesota but the registry should get some entries either way.

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10 hours ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

826 Hydro sn# 11856 in Colfax Iowa. 




Whats the story on that one? Whats gonna happen to it?

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On ‎3‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 3:38 PM, larv71 said:

Drove thru Polks lot in Ind. 826 sn#u013630 

If that's the same tractor I saw yesterday it has black cast around dash and gold paint around air cleaner door.

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On 3/17/2018 at 10:25 AM, Alan Dinan said:

Aaron, is that one going to follow you home???? That is a sharp 826.


I wish I could,  but found too many tractors to save this winter.  I must let this one find a good home with another IH enthusiast.  It came from the city of Colfax. Very clean and runs great.  Price tag is $10,000.

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