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600 diesel industrial


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21 hours ago, turbo10 said:

and will the serial tag show an I or how can ya tell it isn't just a yellow painted tractor TIA


I believe the industrial versions of 600 & 650 tractors were not considered separate models.

The 600 Industrial & 650 Industrial tractors were the standard models with special attachments or options added or features deleted.

Yellow paint would have been an option. Special attachment would be things like fixed draw-bars, front-mounted tow-hooks and such.

"Farm" features such as belt pulleys, swinging draw-bars and headlights were often not fitted to industrial tractors.

On the the serial number plate, after the serial number, there may be a letter suffix which could could refer to a factory option.

Some-one with an International 600 or 650 Parts Catalog should have a list of those options and Suffix lists.

Regards from Michael H.B)

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I just looked in my parts catalogs. The Super 9 one had a suffix for unstated options, but the 600/650 catalog that I have has nothing in the suffix list and so far I have not been able to find any of the options like Michael is talking about. Could there be a supliment or additional catalog for the Industrial options?

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