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Busted out the old rotted plugs, scrapped out the cavity and replaced the plugs with new ones.  Finished off with some high temp paint.






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So wish you folks could have heard it rolling up that steep hill and turning the muffler purple!  It was great!!!!!  Lots of work to do yet on the H but what a great time with Chapter 11 that day.  Lo

Chapter 11 plow day.  First time the H has been in the field working since 1965.  

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After beating my head against the wall, for what seemed like forever, I finally figured it out.  I set the drive gear 90 degrees out, so now the slo

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Forgot about these.  Didn't want to wait for gaskets so  I made my own.  Also found that the inspection cover had been hit at one time and the cover didn't fit quit right.  Pulled that all apart and did some block and hammer work so it seated properly.  







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