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Resurecting an M

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I went to an auction last summer. I need to learn that people like me should stay away from auctions. A 1940 M seemed to be going cheap. At 650 I stuck my hand in the air. In the aftermath I was heartsick. My faded red M was stuck. It looked pretty good, the nicest sheet metal I've seen, painted by a professional perhaps twenty years ago. It had been a very sweet M with a nice restoration. Then it got parked in a field. They loaded it with a forklift.

Next morning Tractor Dan showed up. He was excited about my treasure. He and #2 son messed around with it till they had it rolling, and sputtering. There was hope. I twisted his arm, but not too hard, he took it on as a project. Carb, brakes, four new tires, one new wheel, battery, cables, switches, taking lots of things apart and greasing them, it drives beautifully. I think near 20 MPH. No wobble!!! Gas tank cleaning, and relining, and put the hood on. I'm deciding about a coat of paint. Fresh de rusting and paint on the wheels makes everything else look ugly.

Thanks to Tractor Dan, his wife for her patience, Town Line Case/IH, And Pilot Knob. I'll be the envy of the tractor pullers this summer.

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How bout some pictures of ole "Emmy B"

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