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856 Project S/N 14435

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I bought this running and operational 856 Diesel in December from a guy in Monee, IL who told me he got it from somewhere in Indiana. He bought it with a 2250 loader on it and stripped the loader off to run a large round baler. The hour meter shows 6700 and change on it, but is currently not working so hours are unknown. The guy I bought it from had the PTO rebuilt and told me the engine had been overhauled before he bought it. That's all I know about its history.

I have taken the Year-A-Round cab off, removed the 3 pt, and am having the pump opened up along with bigger injector tips for pulling it this summer. It needs to be rewired and the lights added back as the cab was wired in place of the factory wiring and some hydraulic leaks fixed. Barring any major failures this summer it'll get put on a plow in the fall and then get some forced induction over the winter.

Model: 856 Farmall Diesel

Year: 1968

Serial #: 14435

Options: T/A, Flat Top Fenders, Wide Front, 3 PT, Dual Hydraulics, Dual PTO, Tilt Wheel, Hydraulic Seat

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Update: Got the injection pump and injectors back this week from the shop. Pump is rebuilt and now set for 2800 RPM, increased fuel delivery, stiffer governor spring, and different timing spring. The injectors were rebuilt as well as opening pressure was increased along with adding 1456 tips. Hopefully have it running again this weekend.

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Update: Got the tractor running and everything buttoned up over the last couple weeks. Runs strong and much snappier than before. Set pump timing to 8* hope to get her on the dyno soon and maybe play with that a bit. Started pulling the 3pt lower links off last night and couldn't get the pin out of the left arm where it attaches to the rear of the tractor. The right one I just pulled the bolt off and twisted the teardrop part and it slid right out. The bolt came out of the left side but I couldn't get it to move at all. Does the draft setting have to be set in a certain position? Or anything different with this side over the right side? Any information would be appreciated before I start going too deep to remove it.

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