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IH 826 Gold Demo S/N 14387 Restoration Progress

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This IH 826 Gold Demo was bought in Chico TX and sold new in the Area. I first came upon it by going to a guys place who was parting out a 1066 black stripe. He had an 826 sitting out side and I checked it over and it was a regular 826, he had another in the shop he was rebuilding the front axle on. I walked past the steering colum and saw it was black and then noticed the DEMONSTRATOR sticker still on the hood. I asked him if he would consider selling it and after a few minutes I walked out the owner of that 826 gold demo. It had a junked out Diamond cab but he also had a set of Fenders for it, one was the original gold fender. At first it had 11L16 6bolt wheels, 18.4-38 wedgelock rears, 3pt, Mechanical Seat, Standard Steering, and T/A. Ive changed out and added a few things and this is how I have it set up now. I would like to find a coolant conditioner kit for the D358 too.


18.4-38 on wedgelock wheels

10.00-16 8 Bolt fronts

10 IH 75lbs Suitcase Weights

2 sets of Wheel Weights preside


2 SCVs w/ front mount Aux Hook ups

Oval Muffler

Open Station

Tilt Steering

540/1000 PTO

Mechanical Seat


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Brian ,

   Besides being a farmer & I.H. tractor restorer are you a professional Photographer. ?

      Your pictures of your tractors always look awesome !  Need you to come to Cali. and take pictures of mine .lol.

        BTW. how are you and Jim doing concerning the fires ?  I think and pray you are no where near them.

     Lets us know !,


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