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56 Series Group 31 Battery Conversion Close to Factory Looking

Group 31 Conversion?  

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  1. 1. Would you Convert to Group 31?

    • Yes functional and looks good.
    • No not factory.

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This is how I did my group 31 conversion on a 1256.

Hammered the old tray flat, put a flat stock front and side on it with a hold down for the rear rod, then cut new lid down to 14" on hold down bolt centers.

Best I came up with was a 2 x 4 spacer cut down and painted black. Have to get a pic of that.

I am using 2/0 welding wire for cables and so far I am getting away with 1 battery in Michigan

Comparison info from specs found on internet and batteries avail at family farm and home:

L" W" H" CCA Volt $ notes

3EH 19.25 4.25 9.75 875 6 $95 in series you get 875 CCA

4EH 19.25 5 10 930 6 $128 in series you get 930 total CCA

31 12.9 6.75 9.27 1000 12 $145 1 battery gets 1000 CCA and less cables to keep up.






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Why not save all the trouble and use 2 12v 3EE batteries, no hammering battery trays flat, no cutting, no welding. 2 3EE looks stock, fits stock and cranks well. The fab work looks clean though. The extra effort to make a battery cover look and fit well is a bonus.

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We have been converting all our stuff over to the group 31 threaded stud as it is much nicer to have everything the same. Only two things we won't change have one or two 4D batterys in.

Unless its too small like the 230 etc.

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I like what you have done. It looks nice and clean and a good idea. What would be really nice is for one of those Asian fellers to build ccw gear reduction starter that could turn the engine 100 more rpm with less amps but that's just what I say. Tom

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