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Found 1 result

  1. 91 chevy heater control

    My Farm truck heater gave up the ghost. Well my 4 y/o girl was pushing buttons and the next thing you know all my lights in my hvac control head were dead. I had this replaced years ago but had it done because my A/C quit. I am having trouble figuring out which years fit which. 88-94 were all the same control head EXCEPT that some had a recirc button, some had a max button, and like mine, some had A/C and OFF. So the best I can tell there were 3 different control heads in those years. I am trying to figure out if a head that has a max or recirc will work in my truck or not? I believe they will all plug in to each other but I read several forums that said it had to be like what was original, that they would not interchange. Other sites I have read they would interchange and that it just affects your recirc door operation. I know a lot of guys had these trucks over the years, but does anyone know if they will interchange? The reason I ask I am having a lot of trouble finding one like mine without recirc, or max buttons. They get between $75-$150 used for these pieces of crap, non refundable and I would think as bad as they were over the years I would be able to find more info online but no luck. For all I know the original one may of been different than whats in there now. I had it changed once, the one he pulled out had junkyard writing on it, and I had a parts truck that had junk yard writing on that one. So it appears they weren't very robust. The attached pictures show the difference, notice the MAX button isn't on the left one. Thanks ahead of time.