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Found 3 results

  1. So I was looking at a 650 diesel add the other day and got to thinking. The 650 was the big dog of its day for IH. It was a 4cyl. After the 60 series came online we had 6cyl engines. The 650 gas had a 5.7L 4cyl according to tractor data. That is 350 cubic inches which is a fairly large displacement 4cyl. Question: What was the largest cube gas engine that IH used in a production tractor? Just for fun, I looked up a 766 gas and an 856 gas which were both smaller in displacement and 6cyl engines. Thoughts?
  2. this sticks off the back of our new dump truck with Allison MT643 i have my suspicions it has to do with shifting the truck into gear from the pump control panel. has 3 hoses, one comes out of the side of the trans above the oil pan, one goes into the oil pan and then through a hard line and the third either dumps into or sucks from the bottom. they are little, maybe 1/4" the wires used to run back to the fire body control panel which is long gone. on our in service trucks you can shift into or out of gear from the ground at the controls. am i correct? can i just plug it off? i would really like to do away with it if it isn't needed as the hoses are in rough shape and it looks like a potential failure point.
  3. since day 1 the B-275 has had some old mangy generic seat on it, it has gotten to the point it is nothing but mouse chewed foam and i want to put the right one, or something close enough to the right one on it. on the parts page i find a number for the complete seat assy, but not a really good picture to know what it is, or what it fits, i find the seats for the 504.404. etc to look similar to what i think it should be but is it the same one? this is the part number i found, tried searching it but no avail. 751730R92 these are the seats i find that i think are close, but i haven't ever seen one up close to know how accurate they are. https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/seat-assembly-vinyl-new-international-101263.html any help appreciated.
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