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Found 5 results

  1. Even though my 1942 W4 has electric start capabilities, I'd like to hear YOUR recipe for hand (crank) starting your H or 4-series McCormick. I'd just like to be able to develop a method that works reliably for cold start specifically. Most likely you have a different recipe for warm start too. I'd like that also. I THINK there's probably some sage advice for where to set the governor control, choke, how many 'pulls' ( or lifts) and then turn on the mag for one more pull. What procedure always seems to work for you? Thanks,
  2. hillman

    Letter Series at Work

    I love Letter Series ! esp W series. I did a rough tally on the total production numbers of the Letter Series ( including Supers ) and its around 1,050,000 units made without the Cub . Yet there is a few who just won't let up on them . ....whatever. What other series of tractor made by any company sold that many tractors. AND they were not cheap throwaways like some clunkers. I have been inside enough tractors to appreciate the quality and durability of these machines. So I thought we could tell or show with pics what little job your Letter Series still does for you. If you hate them please start your own thread on why you don't care for them I believe the Letter Series is what started the love we have for the red tractors. IH had such a presence in the rural culture in so many ways in that era I am just a hobby farmer /collector with a Farmall 656D and 434d as my modern tractors I try to use a Letter Series if I have a job they can do. My favorite plow is a 8C - 2 ace bottom plow with a W4, sure makes for a smooth field if I have time. Lets see what you have!
  3. I have been carrying a nagging question for some time and it's time to unload it. I have a belt pulley on my early W-4 and the headlight brackets are mounted on the sides of the cast tub rather than on the sides of the grille. (Reference the 1941 W-4 photo owned by o121937, a member of this forum.) It just seems to me that the right headlight would be smack in the way of the pulley belt ! What am I missing? ...or would they (owners of long ago) just move the light to Orchard-mounting-position?? (the holes for that ARE under there) (Reference the image of the I-4, sorry I don't know who owns it) Maybe the belt would droop enough to go under the light bracket?? Send the Experts please !
  4. Working on a (new to me) 1942 W-4 with an M&W live hydraulic pump on the distributor drive train. While cleaning everything and replacing bad hoses I found the old fluid was partially like jelly and lumpy. OK, I'm replacing the fluid too, BUT WITH WHAT?!? The pump is #202PX at 1000PSI, 12GPM, and 7HP. I need some idea what fluid (or weight) I should put in it. Thanks for sharing your expertise !
  5. Roschro

    C152 cylinder head stud sleeves

    On the C152 cylinder head for an H or W4 there are several cylinder head studs that go though the water jacket. These studs go through a sleeve in the water jacket. I noticed today on my W4's cylinder head that one of these sleeves has a hole corroded through it. So if I rebuild the head as is, my brand new studs will be exposed to the engine coolant. Which I figure is the reason this stud was so hard to remove that it broke! Does anyone know if these sleeves can be pushed out? Are there replacements?