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Found 1 result

  1. So I was asked to bid a job for neighbor who is in a pinch with FSA and needed stuff cleaned up on property. Talked a lil about it on another thread ....... Only CTLs avail were a Cat 299 or Takeuchi TL12 - decided cat for quieter cab/cleaner and service if needed since im taking a week vacation to do the job Its gone like this so far ....... Picked up 30ft gooseneck from friend Friday - picked up Cat rental from cat in KC - picked up vail mulcher head rental from KC Bobcat - headed to folks farm and this job - weighed in at 30100lbs made the ford earn its keep Unloaded saturday after taking daughter turkey hunting and tried it out - read cat book as it didnt seem like it was working well - frustrated - took daughter turkey hunting sunday morn we were blessed it was her first ever so proud of her - helped mom n dad out with my list they had - got them an over air antenna and put it up for them on roof - monday i go bk over i can get hi flow emblem to light but wont turn head - call cat - young guy tries to help n reads thru book with me - says not sure why it wont work - call bobcat no clue - call vail - tech is out till today but the old guy says try switching hoses around - i did hv to get a hi flow plug from cat to plug into harness also - i cant get ends off hoses so removed them at machine and wrestle for an hour i give up - used pipe on wrench still no luck in vice - took to neighbor he has big tools - put in big wilton vice - 3/4 impact in deepwell huge sockets and zipped them right off baaah - back to reinstall and tested ok ran for hour then got stuck in creek crossing - called dad and 5088 to rescue - hour later pulled it out fix crossing and bk to mowing - mowed till 10pm and trying to finish one lil area and poof limp mode ugh - fuel leak on display im like oh crap im on fire like last time when i burned up machine - i bailed out and cpuldnt find anything - one of those days grrrr - limp back to barn talked to cat teck at 1030 he said seen that code usually a pump issue ughhhhh- call cat rental office at 745 this morn they say they get tech advised - no call back - i give them till 945 - they said we hv a tech who will call u sometime today to look at it - he calls says hes at site he will test mach - cant get it to act up but sees low fuel pressure and huge pressure swings - says dirty filter will order one and might be bk tomoro - i ask if he would be willing to get me a filter today - he says well i had another job to get to - i shared my situation and they are not allowed to carry filters on their trucks -cat policy - currently waiting not sure if he actually went for my filter or not id be very surprised if it fixes it - 60 miles to get filter one way - i told him i will work all night to catch up on job its supposed to rain too
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