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Found 2 results

  1. lbg57

    MD sleeve question.

    I posted this question on here awhile back and received comments leading me in 2 different directions without a definite answer. Following is a little more info so maybe someone can clear up this question. Here goes. I am restoring a 1951 Farmall MD. I had the block to the machinist I use to check the block, install new cam bushings and install new sleeves. This is where the question lies. The service manual states that the sleeves need to be .041" - .047" above the block deck. When I got mine back from the shop the sleeves are only .005" above the deck. I called the parts distributor where I purchased the complete rebuild kit including all the gaskets and asked them what they thought. They asked the current mechanics in back and said no one ever questioned it before that they are aware of and there are not many old timers around who worked on these for a living to check with. Next I called the machine shop and asked the same question. Both the owner and one of his machinist said that they thought .041" - .047" was an awful lot and that most engines require only about .005." Next I posted the question on here and got answers in both directions. Some said that it needed to be at the .041" - .047" and others said that .005" would be fine. Today I called my parts guy at an CNH dealership and asked him. He said he thought that it was printed in the service manual for a reason but maybe there could have been a head gasket change somewhere that was made and that I should ask the forum guys again what their thoughts were as someone had to have had this issue somewhere in the past. Was there a head gasket change? I measured mine which is a CNH #225 604 A1 and the gasket itself is .075" thick and the fire ring on the gasket is .082". I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here who have worked on these older units that may have gone through this and give me a definite answer as to which is correct or know of anyone I can contact on this matter. Thanks everyone for your patience.
  2. 1legonutt

    Update Chapter 33 plow day

    As of today the 170 acres still has seed corn in it. I just wanted to put information out there. I am not going to cancel up till Friday there is a chance we can plow Saturday. The weather this year and a lot of other variables means things are behind schedule. The spirit of this plow day is to try to do it earlier before harvest so more can participate and weather is not as big a problem. So plan accordingly you will find updates here and at the chapter 33 website. And questions just ask I will post ss soon as I have more information. Rob