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Found 3 results

  1. Just picked this up today from my neighbor. 1977 Loadstar 1700 with a 404. Hi is father bought it new. He is same neighbor I’ve mentioned in here 100 times who is retired. Same guy who I got the 715 combine from which I think is also from 1977. He casually mentioned he would like to see this truck and his old combine together this fall
  2. Hi all, Ive got a 71 International fleetstar 2110 with a 549 v8 in it. I got a good deal on it and i will use it to haul hay once or twice a year, and maybe a little dirt/rock here and there. I first drained gass and cleaned tanks. I fixed the fuel pump wiring. I filled the bowl and threw a battery in it, it fired up and ran on 5 cyclinders. Plug wires were severed or missing. So i put new wires, cap, points and condenser, plugs and rotor in. now it wont fire at all. Ive got power to my coil, and power from to coil to the points. But no spark at the plugs. The condenser was new about 15 years ago, so it shouldnt be a cheap garbage one. The plug wires were universal ones, and i havnt had good experiences in the past with those, could it be as simple as bad plug wires? Is it worth the 80 bucks to get the electronic points conversion? i know that made a huge difference with my Y-block. The only thing i havnt changed is the coil, but, it ran before i did anything to it. So i know its something I put on or did. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, if someone could tell the difference between a 549 and a 537, that would be helpfull. Was told it was a 549, but most of those ive seen have distributer in the front, not the case with this one. Thanks in advance -Bill
  3. SeanP


    Hey guys does anyone know how to read this serial number. Guy has an engine for sale and is advertising it as a 436 but the serial on the block says otherwise. I know the top number shows it being a block from a truck. Why are there 2 serial numbers? Anyone know how to read the bottom number? He claims it came out of a 1460 combine
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