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Found 5 results

  1. 3488 with a dt 466

    A picture of my 3488
  2. Four Staks

    Just found this somewhere on the internet.----Not sure what it is supposed to be other than a trailer king. ( Looks right at home in the shade among the trees) LOL!!! Thanks; sonny
  3. Tractor Model Question

    Hello, folks! I'm looking to add a tractor to the farm (mostly I just want an old Farmall) and have my wish list narrowed down, but want some information from people that know them a little better than I do. I will be using this tractor for mowing (finish and hay), baling (eventually), maintaining a 1/4 mile driveway, hauling firewood, and the occasional parade trip. No gardening/cultivating since I have a 140 for that, but I will probably get a plow for it, too. I have narrowed my list to a 300, 350, or 340. I grew up on and there a lot of As, Cs, 140s, etc. around my home, but I want something bigger AND with an independent PTO. I know that my list members are all about the same as far as weight and power, especially the 300/350. What are the pros and cons of these tractors? Or, are they so similar that I should not turn one down when found just to wait on the other one? I'll be honest. I think the 300 and especially the 350 are much better looking, but I'm not going to let that be the only reason I get one or the other. Thanks for the info!
  4. international hydro 85

    hi I have recently acquired an international hydro 85. I believe these tractors are quite rare, I think only 215 made? but i was wondering if anybody here would be able to give me any information on these tractors and how i could find which 1 of 215 it is - if there were only this many made. Also, any ideas what it might be worth? thanks
  5. IH 1056 Tractor

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can tell me information on a IH 1056 serial number. I have attached pics of serial number and the tractor in question. Probably not to many of these European built tractors in the US? Would like to know the year and if you can tell difference between 2wd and 4wd from the serial number? Thanks, Dave