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Found 1 result

  1. Inside a Spragless TA

    I am replacing a TA in a 1086 for a neighbor and finally got it apart today. The clutch was totally shot and he said the TA shifted slow and the lube light flickered at idle in direct drive when hot. Turn the steering wheel and the lube light stayed on. It has a spragless TA decal on it. He has only had the tractor for 3 years or so and we don't know how many hours are on it. I did pressure tests and it had 240 in ta 22 lube psi and 160 in direct and 12 lube psi. But when it was hot if you turned the steering wheel to the stop the pressure in direct and TA would drop to 0 and stop moving. A new pump and a seal kit in the mcv didn't help much. So we're putting a Ag Parts Super HD TA unit. I've never had a spragless TA apart before so thought I'd look into it. Hope they take it as a core! The selector spool is modified according to HyCapacity. I called them to tell them we were replacing a spragless unit and wanted to make sure I had everything back to original. We are also adding a supercharge eliminator kit. The modified spool is the top one. One of the sections looks narrower than the other. The carrier housing had pretty deep grooves wore into it, especially the center one. The center seal ring on the shaft was broken. They have the nuts welded to the bolts that hold the TA together for some reason. Hit them with an air impact and they came right off. 4 clutch discs in direct drive. 4 discs in TA. Front view of shaft assembly. Direct clutch pack. TA clutch pack. They look a little burnt. Looks like the problem with this TA is the shaft ring and the worn bushing in the carrier, which all TA's have. Seems like they can make a bulletproof Sprag or use the 2 clutch packs like this one has, but if the pressure can't get to the clutches because of the shaft and bushing wear what's the point? I've heard Allied makes a puller TA with a ball bearing in the front instead of the bushing but haven't ever seen one. Anyone ever used one of them?