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Found 2 results

  1. I believe I understand correctly that there should be a timing pin near the crankshaft pulley, but I do not have one. Can anyone tell me if I'm just not seeing it or if mine has broken off? If it is gone, where do I put the replacement? Thanks in advance for the advice and encouragement you've given so far on this board.
  2. So i left my IH 47 baler with a broken finger last year and finally got around to setting it back up today. i noticed that one knotter seemed to not be completing it's cycle. it wasn't rotated as far back around toward the finger as the other and the clamp on the billhook was still open. after screwing with it for several hours i just realized that the hook itself is loose on its shaft. if you swing the knotter up and push the cam back out of the way so you can open the hook clamp and let the spinner clear the frame then you can swing the knotter all the way strait up in the air and watch the hook spin. in the middle of the spin i can grab the hook with my finders and keep swinging the knotter frame and the billhook shaft and gear keep spinning but the hook stays put. I'm looking for help cause i can't figure out how the hook is held on its shaft. it seems to be pressed on and came a little loose. i got it back in a position that will work but i think once i put twine tension on it it will probably shift again... this is all after spending hours trying to polish the tension plate cam and the little roller on the bill hook thinking it was catching and not letting the hook finish its rotation... I'm thinking of trying to cross drill the billhook and put a roll pin in it.HELP ANYONE?