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Found 1 result

  1. A good day for me and the TD9 ! I know that seized track adjusters have been and are a significant problem on these old TD crawlers... so this lengthy post may encourage others who have seized track adjusters... Have been wanting to work on the left side track adjuster since I got my 1956 TD9 a couple years ago... I knew it was seized really bad... could see where a previous attempt had been made with a fair bit of heat applied to the front of the retainer that the adjuster threads into.. I’m thinking without success.... I’m confident it hadn’t been adjusted for many years... the exposed threads are also in pretty rough condition.. I had made some attempts to free it previously with with a wrench I had made, then a pipe wrench... not a hint of movement, so I knew it was going to be a challenge.. as a temporary measure to tighten the track I had added a spacer to move the front idler forward... I researched every post I could find on the subject, and got some good ideas from some dated Red Power posts on this Board.. including using heat of course, and also using wax on the heated components, with the hope it would get pulled into the threads in the retainer through capillary action.. I cleaned the area, then started applying heat to the front of the retainer, right where the adjusting rod threads into it.. then I would put some wax at that point and let it melt.. ( I have a dozer blade on this unit, and can’t remove the retainer/ recoil spring cover without removing the entire mounting system for the blade, which would involve a lot of work... so I didn’t have access to the main part or the back side of the retainer ) After applying some heat, and melting wax, and also spraying penetrating oil, I tried a 36” pipe wrench on the adjuster rod... with pull from a hydraulic pull ram (wasn’t too worried about the threads at this point, as they are very rough anyway, but had the pipe wrench forward enough that I just might have some good enough threads to be able to turn the rod in a bit, to help in getting the rod to turn).. No luck at this point getting the rod to budge even a bit.. So this morning I decided I would give it my best effort... applied more heat, melted more wax. sprayed more penetrating fluid, then would put pull on the 36” pipe wrench... also tried turning it in a bit with a large snipe on wrench.. no movement.. I applied even more heat all around the front of the retainer, then using the pulling ram and a jackall, I put a fair bit of torque on the rod, and kept applying heat, melting wax, and spraying penetrating fluid... I then added more torque with the jackall, and IT MOVED !! So using the jackall, and taking new bites with the pipe wrench, I have turned the rod out about half a turn so far..going to grease the threads now and try to turn it in a bit with the pipe wrench and the snipe to get some lubricant inside the retainer.. but I know it is broke free now, and will be a usable adjuster.. Just adding a couple pics for now, will provide a further update and maybe more pics later..
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