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Found 8 results

  1. Doing some work on the 1066. Bought steering arms from Shoup. The left is on back order since Thanksgiving. So went to Abilene Machine and bought a left, dont like the machining on it as well. What is the difference between left and right? So far I can’t see the machining angles or splining are different. Could I run 2 right hand shoups?
  2. Hi Folks, Appreciate there are a number of posts on this one, but struggling to find the solution. Steering on my 475 (Perkins engine for the UK only) was nice and light, then whilst moving a cart, i moved to full lock and heard a pop. After that, the steering became incredibly heavy and hard to turn with little effect. I've popped out the flow diverter valve and it appears in good condition (photo attached). It was moving freely and i could pull it out with my little finger wedged in the end. I presume there isn't meant to be an O-ring in what looks like an O-ring groove? (my pick is pointing at it in the photo). With the front axle on stands the problem persists (no improvement) and i can't see any external leaks on the orbital. It does sound like something like a relief valve is relieving when i turn the steering but can't yell which one. Could this be the orbital unit itself, the steering cylinder or something else? I have picked up a new orbital from a scrap tractor, but don't want to start fitting it without being sure since it's a lot of work to get in there! any help much appreciated, thanks, Michael Thanks Michael
  3. I recently purchased an International 784 and I have noticed that the turning circle is very large. It seems like the wheels don't turn very far in either direction (less than 30 degrees). The front wheels turn the same amount in both directions but there seems to be about an inch left in the stroke of the power steering cylinder when I turn the steering wheel as far it will go. Is this normal for this model of tractor? There is also some play in the steering which I think is being caused by wear in the clevis pin which holds the steering rod clevis. The pin is easy to replace but the hole that it goes through is also worn but it doesn't' have a bush in it to replace. I was thinking of drilling the hole to a large diameter to fit a bush but I was wonder if anyone had tried any other solutions. Thanks for any advice you may have.
  4. I am working on a 340 utility gas and have a hydraulic leak out of the square vented plug in the top of the steering column. I have taken it apart several times, but still haven't solved the issue. The o rings have been replaced, and I blew out all the lines to make sure they were clear. I really can't see how the oil is getting into the top end of the column, as there is an o ring that looks like it should prevent that. Any suggestions would be great.
  5. Ayrporte

    7130 Magnum

    7130 Steering is weak But dead head a remote valve and steering works fine Flip 3pt hitch switch steering freezes until hitch stops lifting 1800 psi dead head a remote 2400psi Priority valve is good. Oil and filters good. Oil will get hot over time. Suggestions??
  6. Replaced MCV and all springs and o rings in MCV. Brakeswork, TA works(TA has had handle removed and is locked in direct.) steering is very stiff. I can hear the pump whining. Tried all solutions listed on other posts. Possible bad pump? Think not since brakes work. TA starts in low and it takes a while before it changes to direct (oil light stays on until TA changes to direct-remember it’s locked in direct). TA was behaving this way before the change of pump-main reason for change. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, this is my first post here. I have been reading it for years and decided to join up. I posted this on Yesterday's Tractor forum and got several great responses. I thought I would ask here as well to see if anyone else had any experience with my situation....and how you handled it. My 756 lost it's prime on the mcv valve, so I cannot steer and the tractor won't move. I am able to raise and lower the loader, operate the fast hitch and the pto turns. The low side of the ta is out. This only happens when it is very cold.... 5 degrees or less. I am assuming I have ice built up and making my filter into a snow cone! I plan on changing the filter Saturday morning when I have the time. The hytran is a couple years old and still looks very good. I would rather not drain and refill it. I don't use the tractor very often, so, I believe condensation is causing the problem. I have been searching for solutions on the internet to stop this issue from happening. Some possible solutions include: 1. adding the allied filter extension to use 2 filters...allowing more oil to pass thru. I have the 17 gpm pump installed. 2. replacing a drain plug with a drain plug heater that you plug in. Not sure which one to get or which plug to replace. 3. slapping on 1 or 2 magnetic oil pan heaters...1 by the filter and 1 by the mcv? I have a torpedo type heater that I can point at the tractor to warm it up enough after I change the filter and hope it picks up prime. If not, I have in the past taken the 5/8 nut off the back of the mcv and started it to prime it. Very messy...hoping not to need this step again. Sorry for the long post. Hoping to be able to push the snow off of the lane without the hassle of defrosting the system.
  8. I have an 895 case ih cab Tractor. The pto does not work. I have completed all tests. I have 0psi coming out of MCV. All valves are good. I have come to find out that the fluid used for the pto comes from the steering return, which comes back into the MCV. I am NOT getting any fluid from steering return at MCV. Steering works great. The line that connects to the MCV steering return port is connected to the top of trans under cab. The line coming from the steering box is dumping into the top of trans about 2 inches back of where the other line comes out. My Question... What does the oil supply or go to before coming back out of trans? And why wouldn’t I have fluid coming out? Thanks
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