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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I discovered this site while searching for information for my International Harvester 434 (Serial # B28059, made in England) that I acquired in an estate auction in hope of using it to plow some raw land to make a big garden. I am new to IH 434 and new to tractors in general. I had problem getting the tractor to raise 3 point linkage. By reading couple of threads on this website that I figured it was because the isolation valve was closed on the tract. Now there is another issue with the tractor: it could hardly steer to the right, with no issue steering to the left. The 434 has power steering. I jacked up the tractor and disconnected the tie rod to the front right wheel's steering knuckle (term taken out from a part list manual I got off ebay). The front right wheel cannot steer left or right at all. It seems the kingpin is stuck. What is the best approach in freeing up the kingpin? Unfortunately, the original grease fitting was broken off (see pic). I bought couple of 1/8 27 grease fittings and they don't seem to fit. Is this the correct size? The parts manual says "1/8" NPT". I wonder if the threads in the hole are damaged. If so, what is the best solution installing a new grease fittings. I'd like to fix the above issues myself, but unfortunately I am not terribly mechanically inclined, and it might require quite bit of work and tools to get it loose. If anyone who knows any mechanic or shop that can fix this sort of problems in the Ottawa, Ontario area, please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I have a 1968 IH 544 Gas. The front left steering arm and spindle nut were welded together but the weld cracked. Rather than just adding more weld (or creating a V and filling) I wanted to see what parts it needed & replace them. Pretty sure I have a frankenstein here and should probably just replace the spindle/nut/washers/felt gasket/steering arm to get back to 'factory' but wanted to check with the forum to make sure I wasn't missing something. Starting shape: Ground down the weld then undid the nut (or tried to) and sheared off some of the top of the shaft. Now I'm not certain what this shaft is for & what was done to it. Looking online all the replacement shafts listed have fine splines on them...not the course ones shown above. I'm half wondering if someone put a longer spindle on and welded the larger splines from another tractors steering arm on to the top of my steering arm? Bad Side (left) vs Good Side (right) I can tell things aren't quite the same. The nut/shaft size even differ. Nut comparison
  3. I have a 1026. It ran low on hydraulic fluid. About 8 gallon low. Now after topping off level, I can not get my steering back. Turn hard both ways. But seems even harder to the left. I even lifted front off the ground and steered lock to lock many times but didn't get any better. Any ideas?
  4. I have a old farmall h that I need to remove the upper steering shaft from to remove the gas tank. I am 13 and sort of just starting to get into working on things so I just need some direction on what to do. Thanks
  5. Hi Folks, Appreciate there are a number of posts on this one, but struggling to find the solution. Steering on my 475 (Perkins engine for the UK only) was nice and light, then whilst moving a cart, i moved to full lock and heard a pop. After that, the steering became incredibly heavy and hard to turn with little effect. I've popped out the flow diverter valve and it appears in good condition (photo attached). It was moving freely and i could pull it out with my little finger wedged in the end. I presume there isn't meant to be an O-ring in what looks like an O-ring groove? (my pick is pointing at it in the photo). With the front axle on stands the problem persists (no improvement) and i can't see any external leaks on the orbital. It does sound like something like a relief valve is relieving when i turn the steering but can't yell which one. Could this be the orbital unit itself, the steering cylinder or something else? I have picked up a new orbital from a scrap tractor, but don't want to start fitting it without being sure since it's a lot of work to get in there! any help much appreciated, thanks, Michael Thanks Michael
  6. I am working on a 340 utility gas and have a hydraulic leak out of the square vented plug in the top of the steering column. I have taken it apart several times, but still haven't solved the issue. The o rings have been replaced, and I blew out all the lines to make sure they were clear. I really can't see how the oil is getting into the top end of the column, as there is an o ring that looks like it should prevent that. Any suggestions would be great.
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