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Found 2 results

  1. I have had repeated issues with starting my 574 diesel. Currently: When I started up this morning, the starter was turning over the engine fine. I let it turn over for a short time as it was cold and did that twice. Then I turned the switch and it just gave a click. Then nothing. We tried jumping it. First nothing, then just a click. Waited a bit, a click and some smoke off the positive terminal. HISTORY: When I was having this problem earlier, I saw an arc off the positive terminal when I turned the ignition switch. I gave all the contacts, clamps, posts, a good wire brushing, applied electrical grease to posts and replaced the clamps, then it started up beautifully. It has been starting up no problem since. Before the cleaning, I was getting smoke off the positive terminal regularly. We checked the cutoff switch behind the clutch pedal and it is fine. Can't find any disconnected or loose wires. I'm at a loss as to what else to do. The battery is the best/most powerful made for this tractor, only one year old from the dealer. I just had a brand new clutch put in by the IH mechanic and asked him to go over eveything, especially the ether system. Any advice on what else to look for, to do, would be greatly appreciated. I've got to get work done NOW and need the tractor to do it!!!
  2. According to the CNH parts catalog, the Denso gear reduction starter that came on many, if not all MX100 through 170 Maxxums was already available on some 6 cyl. 5100/5200 series Maxxums. I have plans to put such starter on the 5120 and I wonder if I can get away with it by just replacing the 10 tooth pinion gear with a 13 tooth from 1845C skid steer, 580 backhoe and 5.9 Dodge Ram applications using the same 159 tooth ring gear part no. J901774 as the 5120. The most current part no. for this starter is 116928A2, which is rated at 4.8 KW. Does this monster really fit behind the side panel on these older Maxxums or was the original factory gear starter actually a smaller 2.5 - 3.0 KW version which is of a slightly more compact design?
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