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Found 1 result

  1. ....been full on at the Rainbow and Raglan Stations......Spring work...... The "part time job for the old Bloke " ...has turned into seven day week work at times...Whilst I am able to do this, I am very happy still being involved in the best kind of job I would want to do........working on the land in a , to me , beautiful environment.....There is about 10,000 acres between the two Stations.......thus for the D52 Komatsu/H210 Excavator there is years of work.......possibly see me out !!!!!!! Two weeks ago, my status took a dramatic lift......and I was let loose on one of two JD6140M tractors, using the old NZ made direct disc drill, running in rape seed for summer feed........Remember, this isn't Illinois or Iowa...so the "pucker factor " came into contention at times...... Also did a huge amount of River Rock work.....as the river is typical of New Zealand's South Island........coming down those mountain valleys, the river is "braided "..i.e. it just wanders anywhere in times of flooding.......with areas of fenced land heading off to the sea ..ist pic is where river has taken acres of land away.. Volvo dumpers on rock cartage..not keen on water above the hub levels !! Pic of looking up the valley....Farm manager and wife tailing lambs, with help from another "old bloke "Over 5000 to tail.....Eight Wheeler Freight liner dropping off fertiliser..in the Stations Fert bin.....(plus his five axle trailer)..Heading off in the JD..."ford ok " I ask ...Yeah..no worries there Mike..sigh.....so the usual Aquatic river experience ....Note the red marker stone. .well.!!...so I hung a right and headed upstream until a suitable place to get back to dry land on the east side was found !! Picture of the new NZ made drill..I had the old one!..they are tough machines...for the stoney country....f inally, another interesting aquatic experience with the stuff coming into the cab of the 21 ton excavator, crossing east to west Mike
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