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Found 1 result

  1. Typical for me, what started as one project has escalated into a major money absorbing rebuild 😕 Due to wore input bearings and a failed main shaft pilot bearing, it broke 4th gear. Thankfully, I've had a M&W 9-speed waiting to go in for years, but never had a NEED to install it, until now. When pulling it apart I noticed that the ring gear back lash was excessive, to put it lightly, which explains the howling noise in 5th; sadly, it's worn out too. SO, that means pulling it down to an empty housing, taking stock in what I had, and starting over 😔 ALL the bearings are badly worn and the axle bearings are failing completely. I have never seen any wore that bad that weren't coming apart, but you can wiggle the inner race around and rattle the balls by shaking the bearings in your hand. Almost all of them have the IHC stamped in them, so I guess I can't complain, after 70 years of use I think we got our money's worth out of them 😁 The floating pieces ruined one bull pinion and bull gear. But THANKFULLY it didn't hurt the M&W clutch bull pinion, that would have been really hard to find replacement parts for. I took a walk through the parts room and found a good ring & pinion, bull pinion, and bull gear, so I have all my replacement pieces. Sadly, it needs all new bearings and at roughly $100 each this is turning into an expensive endeavor for a 30hp tractor....... I know there is a service specification, so how much wear can ball bearings have and still be used? I can't find my service manual when I need it, but my main question is setting the ring and pinion. If I remember correctly, you set the pinion depth by aligning the edge of the pinion gear flush with the ring gear, but I can't remember it's aligned with the inner differential side or the outter side? Then you set the back lash by changing the shims from side to side until you get ~0.006" - 0.012" on the dial indicator. Is that correct?
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