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Found 1 result

  1. I wanted to post the factory wiring diagram for the 88 series sentry system . I am pinpoint testing my system to ensure I don't have an issue that isn't the actual module (my sentry light is coming on for the low /odd side gears) I was unable to find a factory schematic online , so I was able to take a picture of the schematic from my local dealer . Just wanted to get this resource up for anyone else looking to check things . this picture is of the early system AFTER dealer updates . The newer system is the same as the one pictured , the early system has a different clutch switch , and I was told they have all been updated to this . the solenoids ohm out around 2.5 ohms . The pressure switches are normally closed . The system operation seems pretty basic , the hi/low switch located on the lever , tells the module which mode has been selected , the module then applies power to the solenoid for the range selected , and removes power from the other . It then looks for the pressure switch signal , the one coming on must open , while the one coming off must close . If your system has failed in a way where the tractor won't move , or bound up in both ranges at once , I think you could simply apply power to the solenoid , hi or low not both to get it to move enough to get it home or in the shop . (This advice is not professional , try at your own risk) but if you're able to read the schematic and follow along , you should be able to form your own opinions . I think building building your own with time delay relays or a programmable Plc board would be pretty straight forward . I have read the threads on the ideas and build on this forum . However , I have not seen anyone say what the actual time delays are . I:E what is the delay for the off going solenoid so as to not shock load the system? Is it .5 , 1, 1.5 seconds ? if anyone has this info , or is able to test their working system and report back , I think that would be very helpful .
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