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Found 1 result

  1. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    I am doing hog chores at my neighbor for a few days and was just looking at these big silos. I can remember when they were the same size and they added to the one. This was probably in the late 60's or early 70's. His father in law that lived there before fed quite a few cattle. Now it's hogs and the silos probably haven't been used in over 30 years. I have one that's 18x55 and I believe these are 60 and 80 feet tall. Everything gets bagged or make piles like they did before silos. Still see some bunkers being used. I remember the neighbor chopped with another farmer. The neighbor had a 4430 and the other guy an 856. The 856 on the chopper used less fuel than the 4430 on the blower. I still remember our silo being put up in 1968. They ran scaffolding all the way up the silo as it got put up if I remember correctly. Those guys walked around up there that high off the ground like they had no fear at all. It wouldn't be a job for me!! Heights aren't for me. I believe they had a cable operated crane that pulled the blocks or "staves" one at a time. I think these are Hanson silos. The paint job matches a concrete corn crib I have. I didn't get a picture of my silo since it was getting dark, but it's an Appleton from Wisconsin?