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Found 3 results

  1. ky966boy

    Cutting wheat

    5240 can’t hang with 14
  2. leeklancher

    Cover Tractor Needed - Fredrick, OK

    Hey guys, I'm photographing the cover for my newest book in Fredrick, Oklahoma in the end of May, and I need a 1206 or possibly an interesting black stripe for the cover of the book. The machine would need to be either a very clean restoration, or a clean working tractor is good as well. The shoot will be done in ready-to-harvest wheat, and with a local farm family in the shot. We're expecting wheat to be ready May 23 at this point--the date may move a bit depending on harvest. While we are in the area, Case IH will demo'ing their new equipment. Should be a fun event. If you have a lead on someone willing to bring a machine down, or if you would be, please contact me at Cheers, Lee
  3. I'm looking for International, Steiger and Case IH four-wheel-drive tractors to photograph for an upcoming book, Red 4WD Tractors. INTERNATIONAL Anyone have one of those wacky double Ms or other home builds? Interested if so . . . Front-wheel-assist tractors, either installed kits or factory options, from the 560 to 50 series. Definitely need the 806 / 1206 FWA models. The overseas-built light 4WD tractors The heavy 4WD tractors (4100 series, 2+2s, 7288, 7488, and the Steiger-builts 4388, 4588, 4788) STEIGER All but the Barney, 2200, Tiger. Includes green and red Steigers. CASE 4WD Any of the Case 4WD models (the orange and white ones!). If any of you have beautifully restored or those lovely original examples, please send me a photo at, or post it in this thread. I'll include our wish list in a future post. At this point, we need pretty much everything. We have the same great team on this book, with several new additions. I'm happy to be headed out to photograph tractors! P.S. And I attached a sneak peak photo for fun.