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Found 1 result

  1. Long post but very meaningful to me! Seven years ago I brought home this Lawnboy built International push mower that my Great Grandpa bought new. It’s a model 3323 built in 1973 and 1974, he would have bought it around then from the IH dealer about 30 miles from me. These IH version mowers are hard to find and this one has electric start because great grandpa was tired of pulling a rope as my great uncle tells me. The ones with electric start are very hard to come by. This mower was used on the farm through the 1979 mowing season as my great grandparents moved to town in early 1980 and the mower was parked in the hog shed. That’s when great uncle moved onto the farm. I brought it home during wheat harvest of 2015 and tried to work on it off and on up until last summer when I really started making progress on it. This June I found a Lawnboy parts mower at the scrap yard, I took off about every interchangeable part and kept it for my mower. Since it always sat inside the engine was good and it still had compression then I found it had spark. Having gone through the carb which was good, I then took the muffler off this summer and cleaned that and the exhaust ports. The muffler is under the deck. I put it all back together and it ran on its own power for the first time on July 17th, 2022, seven years to the day since I brought it home. I later had to work on the throttle so I took the flywheel off and adjusted the plate that rests on the governor. I was also very fortune to get some original literature on eBay and a NOS Lawnboy grass bag that I found locally at a parts store, it was in a back room with serval other NOS Lawnboy parts. This was a huge accomplishment to me in honor of my great grandpa who passed in ’86 and my goal was to get it running good before I went to college which I was able to do. I have always wanted something mechanical that one of my great grandfathers bought new and have it running and this is the only thing I have that was one of theirs. On the project side of the forum I’ll post some pics and comments going through the fix up. Here is the first picture I have of it when it was in the hog shed. It was also taken on July 17th. Notice a lot of the plastic top was still in tack. This was a few years ago with my other IH mower. It’s a 3331 I believe. Here is the parts machine, it was an 8237. I went up to the neighbors and he helped me get the muffler off mine. He had an IH screwdriver that he gave to me. Here is a pic of my IH fleet. I was really happy to get this grass bag! Here is a manual I found printed in December of 1973 and a brochure printed in January 1974.
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