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Found 3 results

  1. I posed the question in my project thread but didn't get much action there so I'll ask here. I've been calling around trying to find someone to rebuild my Solar on my 1206. Spencer...nope, despite listing parts on their website. Central Plains...nope. I talked to Dan Rapp over there and he recommended Blaylock. I've never heard of them. When I called there and asked, the gal who answered just gave a quick "Yep". She quoted a price and said 1-2 days. That'd be great if it holds water but I have an uneasy feeling. Seemed too easy and quick for something that has been unobtainium for over 50 years. So, if anyone has heard good, bad or used them for anything, please educate me. https://www.blaylock-turbo.com/ As always. Thanks fellas.
  2. Howdy, getting ready to tackle a long time coming project. I have the 1967 806 split and engine parts are back from the machine shop. Head is completely rebuilt, block is bored .030 over, crank is polished to standard size. Now to put her back together, just looking for any pointers or previous experience that may help me avoid costly time consuming re work. I still need to order my rebuild kit, was wondering what company everyone has had the best luck with for rebuild kits (tractor joe, jen sales, etc....)??? Would you guys recommend new lifters, push rods or stick with original, didn't have any issues with them. Appreciate any input, thanks.
  3. Long story short, I had my 113 in my B rebuilt in a machine shop that is high volume and does reputable work. They left the push rods out because I was going to try and find another valve train assembly off of another B that a friend of mine had. I found one, took it off and brought it home, put the push rods in- numbered and re-installed in trhe same order they came out- and this is the result. Are the gaps the result of my not having turned the crankshaft enough, thus creating rhe gaps between the tops of the push rods and the cups on the tappets? I grew up with Moline equipment and never worked in IH tractors until recently. Anybody have any ideas? I have other questions about timing marks on timing gear and governor, but I'll save that for another posting. Any help is most welcome and appreciated.
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