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Found 1 result

  1. so I was already fired up today, the Mrs and I have been talking about wanting a Gladiator, we finally kind of decided that once we are done with daycare ( nothing to sneeze at at 12-15K/yr) her car will be paid off and we can think about one then. We both work hard, have good jobs, should be within our means if carefully done. Today I had crawl space work to do, there are craw spaces and then there are crawl spaces. I am forever hearing about how "you electricians have all the money" sometimes it is lighthearted teasing from people who actually know what a day in the life of a tradesman is like, but sometimes its genuine jackassedness from ignorant morons. Today I had several runs of cable to run through 55' of craw space, roughly 35' could be accessed from the furnace room on one end of the house and the other 20 or so could be accessed from the "cellar end" and I use that term loosely. The house in question is in excellent shape, but the additions have been built on the ground pretty much with marble footings. ducts and mechanicals have been dug out after the fact to make room for them and there was a cast iron turd pipe between additions that was actually stopping me from getting all the way through. Laying in the way where I got to crawl were 2 dead squirrels, a dead rat and countless dead mice. looked like prairie dog city under there with dozens if not hundreds of holes from presumably rats and squirrels. 2 doors down is a real **** hole of a house with unbelievable filth, so rats in the neighborhood are no surprise and in fact one ran across my legs while I was crawled in there stapling wires. While I signed up for this pleasure, and knew it when I decided to travel down this chosen career path, and I have absolutely 0 regrets about it, I can't help but be irritated by those who seem to feel entitled to make presumptions about my financial status. meanwhile to cement my frustrations, there is a local family, 3-5 generations, its hard to tell, they all run together and if they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed, was making quite the parade up and down the road in several new vehicles, a black Challenger, a GMC Acadia and a 2022 ( this I happen to be sure of ) GMC Sierra with a rather significant lift and matching mud tires and offset rims, custom exhaust, etc etc. none of the members of the family work, up to 5 children under 18 at any time increases their public assistance and when they reach 5 they just sign another over to the grand parents ( mostly the ones with the fancy rides) so they maintain the maximum number of dependents to get the maximum assistance. it must be profitable, because they never seem to have a shortage of toys, in addition to the afore mentioned street rides are a 4 place enclosed snowmobile trailer ( I haven't seen what's in it, but something) and a couple street bikes, and the kids seem to terrorize the village on unregistered, non street legal dirt bikes and a couple of 4 wheelers. Again, none of them work, so plenty of time to enjoy themselves. I watched their one family parade seemingly every time I came up for air to get something from the truck or to lay out cable or whatever, at least one or 2 was going by enjoying life. It really started to burn me, here I am crawling around in the dead and living rats and wallowing in their fecal soup, having to put aside the things I would like to buy, have, or do so that I can help others like me to pay for these jackasses to breed and enjoy life, live in state funded rental housing, and take advantage of every single hand out program from free school lunch to free healthcare, all the while going on facebook complaining that there isn't enough being done for them, the school didn't give enough free computers, the summer free lunch program is too inconvenient and no longer delivers directly to their door, the list goes on, but I should stop because I am getting ugly. next person to tell me how wealthy I am is going to get an earful... sorry. rant over. pictures don't do justice to how tight this spot is, and the prairie dog holes didn't show up as well as I had hoped. essentially the only place for a body is along the ducts. Kinda push with your toes and pull with your elbows.
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