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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings all, We have a cyclo planter model 800. No monitor 6 rows Do we really need a monitor? If so which one actually belongs with the planter? Where would I find one of these thats not a gabillion dollars? We are on a shoestring budget and can't really afford to spend a fortune on electronics especially a monitor when I have no idea if the harness on the planter or the sensors are good. Is there a better option then the original monitor? We will be using a 1066 to pull it so no fancy radar or satellite gps guidance available. No way do we have the funds to add these things to our tractor.
  2. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    The CIH 1200 series planters (6 row), are they any good? What's the skinny on them? PTO pump required or not to run them, how do you know if you have a large enough pump on tractor? I can't find any specs on the required size pump to run the planter properly. As of now I'd say 80% or more planting will be done with conventional tillage - might try some no-till on bean ground on the lighter soils? But for now, lets say most will be conventional tillage. Is there anything on these planters that simply isn't a good design? Something that should steer a buyer away from them hands down? Been using a Green 7000 4 row for past 10 years and its getting tired to say the least. Comparing the two planters, they both have some things going for them (or should be a good idea in theory). Myself, I'd rather deal with the IH dealer than the JD dealer, but that shouldn't be the deciding factor I wouldn't think. Seed coverage is good with the IH planter? What about seed placement and using the dry fertilizer? That's where we were running into issues with the JD, skipping, not dropping fertilizer right, among other issues. Seen one post when searching forum about someone changing out the closing discs for finger discs from another company - this more so for no-till or just another way of getting ground thrown onto the seed? That fat little closing/packer wheel on the back - looks neat, but does it do the job? Would any of you pay someone to take your 1200 series planter away because it gives you too many problems? Any info is helpful. No interest in going larger than a 6 row and would rather not go back in time older than a 7000 series JD. I know the IH's are pricey to buy, but then again, once you figure in the cost of repairs on another JD, they aren't too far behind! What does the average 6 row 1200 go for used in your area (in decent shape and needing the odd parts replaced)?
  3. farmall axle planter sprocket

    Guys, somebody very recently (I think) posted a "what's this" topic, and had a picture... response was, sprocket that clamped on the axle of a farmall (like a M or H, I think) that was for driving a flat chain on a factory (i think) planter for those models. I can't find the post, but am interested in the sprockets. One person said, oh these are very common in my area. I'd be interested in knowing what they're called commonly (so i can hunt one by name), as I'd been thinking about a project where ground driven would be hard good, but doing it behind the tractor would be hard, but coming off the axle would make sense. Out of curiosity, also... how do you disengage that for road travel... do you take the chain apart? I'd be thinking of running that on a M or maybe even my 544. Thanks, Russ....