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Found 10 results

  1. Thank’s for the guys who gave me the torque specs and valve clearances! Son in law learned how to inspect a head (his was cracked), properly clean surfaces that mate with a gasket and to use a feeler gauge/set valve clearances. And yes, I made him do the actual work so he learned how to do it, not how to watch it be done. Rick
  2. Here's a picture of the two side by side, sentry on the left and test harness on the right in case anybody was wondering what to look for
  3. My trucker friend sent me this yesterday. One 1206W and two 806's. Thought you guys and gals might enjoy seeing them.
  4. Got this from a great trucker friend of mine. He has a 966/1066 hybrid. 966 front mated to a 1066 rear. He's my go to guy when I buy something in tim buck two. And as stated, he's more than a business acquaintance. He's a friend. His son did this as some of the highlights in his own life. I thought it was really cool so I asked if I could share it with all of you. I got the green light. So enjoy. I'm gonna send him a link to this once it's up so he can share your replies with his son.
  5. Hey guys. I was studying serial numbers and discovered that this might be the last one built. Number 501 was first and they made 2,572 of them. Added together you get 3073 as the last one built. I bought the tractor after discovering it was the last one made. I talked to the owner and he also confirmed that it was the last one to roll out the doors of farmall. Anyway here is the picture. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Thought you might like this picture that my son has hanging in his room. It used to hang in the pik rite dealership here. I think it was taken in PA, but not positive. If so, I'm sure it was probably near Lewisburg. Gotta be early nineties.
  7. Friend of mine text this to me tonight. Thought it was very fitting to post it on this red site.
  8. Friend text me this picture yesterday afternoon. Stated this, Coworker yesterday. And I'm not surprised. From what he tells me his coworkers are lazy and careless. And surprisingly enough, no damage.
  9. A friend sent me this to me this morning. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  10. Friend of mine sent me this today. It's a Tractor Supply Corp video. It's actually him on his 826. The video is playing on a 80 foot screen in Times Square. How cool is that? Had to share.
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