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Found 20 results

  1. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    Lets see your feeding setups, whether it's tractors, trucks, horses, whatever.
  2. Are GREAT. And I have one. He's been here twice this winter for small rescues. Thursday was one of those days. 99% of the time I'm loaded at home. It's just how it works. So I've got weight for traction. But not Thursday. Empty trailer, 8 drive tires on ice, and my two steer tires had settled in. I wasn't going anywhere on my own. So I called my neighbor twice but no answer. Tried my wife's cousin but same results. I could see my neighbor out feeding his cows and plowing a couple neighbors out. So we went and tracked him down. He'd forgot his phone but would be right up. His heavy tractor got me right out and I headed east to Maquoketa, Iowa. We needed that blue rope there to as the trailer had settled in and the ground was froze. It was interesting to watch the pull guy go from easy does it to more aggressive to get me out. But we did win. Back to my neighbor. I help him normally 1 day a year when he's cutting silage. Last year was 3 episodes with the wet weather but it is what it is. Anyway when we're done he always says send me a bill. I always say no cause I might need help to. In reality I probably owe him cause I think he's done me more good than the other way around. Here's some pictures of Thursday's escapades.
  3. Thought I would share my 2020 calendar with you. One of my daughters gave it to me for Christmas. Sorry a few pics are fuzzy, I am not always steady with my phone camera. Enjoy
  4. Monday proved to be a Monday. After the weekend wet snow parking lots were slick. The first malfunction, I spun out going up the hill to the loaded lot. So I put it in reverse and made it the second time. Malfunction #2 happened a few minutes later, hooked up to my empty trailer and same situation. I can backup but can't go forward. After three tries and sliding sideways which got me close to the next trailer I called for reinforcements. A Cat end loader did the trick. I lost a nonessential reflector but that's minor compared to what 2nd shift can do. My tow unit driver said the same thing. He asked if we damaged the truck, I said nope. Good he said that's the important thing. As we looked at the trailer he also said no big deal on the trailers, 2nd shift does worse than that all the time. Tuesday was more eventful but no damage. Found a 67 or 68 Chevy C60. Definitely a parts unit. 366 with a 4 speed transmission. Electric two speed. Light duty axles. However it's a air brakes chassis. I've only seen one other truck set up similar to this only it's got a 327 under the hood. I should let that guy know about this truck in case he needs or wants some spare parts. Then I stopped at a friend's house and had a pleasant surprise. In his shop was a 756 Custom. They are around but not something you see on a regular basis. He was working on it for someone he knew. Minor things tho. Typical single hydraulic outlet tractor. However it did have a dual pto unit.
  5. A friend of mine picked up this 1940 H on Saturday. M & W power governor, brake lock, and throttle. Most of us have seen most of these items. But check out the steering wheel. Can't say I've ever laid eyes on one of those. He claimed it's got some type of internal clutch that makes steering easier.
  6. Monday was a interesting day. Wasn't all that productive but you'll have that. Long story short I ended up at the shop for a couple minor things. In the parking lot, this old GMC Astro 95. It's been setting in a grove the last 30 years or so. Sounds like the transmission is going in a different truck. And somebody wants the tires off the back axle. Can't imagine they'd be any good if their that old. By the way, the shop guy said it had the BIG GREEN MONSTER in it with turbo. I'm assuming he meant a turbo'd 318 Detroit Diesel. He also said it had a unique air box. Sounded like the remainder could be bought pretty cheap. However I've got enough projects. Had to share the pictures anyway. Tuesday followed suit with Monday. As the picture shows, somebody had a bad day not long ago and ruined a really good tire. Theirs a scrap yard not far away. Probably hazards of the job. Check out the landscaping in the pictures. Some genious did it without asking. I went in and asked the shop owner what the plan was. He said they'd been waiting for me to see it. He also told me to drive over it which I did after removing the cement pieces. Then about 25 miles from home something went BOOM. Yupper, a trailer tire let go. I knew which one it was without looking. Didn't think we were quite to that point but STUFF HAPPENS. So I limped it to the closest shop. I normally do my own but late in the afternoon and the possibility of rusty nuts I opted for help. These guys were GREAT. They found out I was a junk tire guy and we were suddenly playing 20 QUESTIONS. So I gave them stacking lessons which they sincerely appreciated. They weren't getting much of a load the way they were doing it. They thanked me for the information and help and I headed for home. And today, Wednesday, was auction day. The big Colo, Iowa sale was today. Left home with the truck, stopped by the sale for a little more than a hour and moved on. There were a few collectable items but nothing I had to have cause I've already got them. I snapped two pictures while there. The red truck was really nice but not for sale. Somebody bought it somewhere and stopped by the sale. The orange one, well it was a bit crusty and rusty. I stumbled onto 3 friends and visited with them a few minutes. Told them I was leaving to go make money instead of spending it. It's been a interesting week thus far. Hope it continues.
  7. Is at it again. Nothing surprises me with the night shift anymore. And today was no different. Got to Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday morning after surviving the wind to find what is shown in the pictures. More mayhem. 😏 The first trailer appears to have been hit with a loader. It actually broke the light. I remember when we got that trailer and had the lift gate removed, I was wondering how long before the lights were damaged in their current location? They lasted about a year there. Part of the fix will be moving them to a safer location. Of course not all the expense will be ours. 😁 And the second picture, that's a 425 65 R 22.5 otherwise known as a super single stuck between the tandems. We think they ran over it and it somehow flipped itself up and ended up between the axles. 😱 Pretty sure it's gonna take some power equipment to get that out of there. And the next question, will the 4 tires actually on the trailer be ok or will they be damaged cause they were skidding or sliding instead of turning? Hopefully that question will be answered Monday morning.
  8. My day started by pulling 8 tires out of my personal inventory. Next I began rounding up all my extra trailer rims. 19 came out of my storage trailer and 2 were already outside. The 19 had to be handled twice to get them on the ground. Of course something else was in the way. One got put back. It was a ball seat rim and I needed hub pilot for today's activities. Then I began sorting and matching up. Ones with decent paint were reserved for outside positions. And the ones with not much paint were reserved for inside positions. The majority of them were 5 hand hole which I like better myself. The first set were all 5 hand hole and the second set was 4 and 4. 5 on the outside and 4 on the inside. Also after mounting The first 8 I raided my inventory for another 8 tires for the last 8 rims. And ironically I have two of each left for a single axle puppy trailer. They should've been mounted today to. However after handling basically 40 rims, 13 stem removals 3 had already been removed, 16 stem hole inspections, some of course which needed attention, 16 valve stem installations, and 16 tire mounts, my body was COMPLAINING, and rather LOUDLY I might add. So I called it a day. It actually began complaining on the 14th mount but I dug DEEP to finish 15 & 16. The other 4 will just have to get done in the morning. As well as raid my inventory for a couple other trailers that need attention in the tire department as well. I'll also say a little prayer tonight all 16 I mounted today are up in the morning. You just never know with used tires. They were all take offs per say, and I did clean the rims and use new stems but stranger things have happened. I forgot to take a picture, but I have a bead blaster. Days like today that thing is worth it's weight in gold.
  9. Our house isn't very friendly for old people and pets. We have three entrances and all of them have steps. We also have two senior pets. Jasmine is now 14.25. And Milo is around 10. But he hasn't had a good life. He's been rehomed 3 times now. His first owner obviously didn't train him well. His second owner admitted to kicking him in the butt a lot so his back hips aren't the best. So we have a ramp out our south door leading to their kennel so they don't have to use the steps. As you will see in the pictures the old ramp had lived it's life. So we built a new one this afternoon. A little longer and a little wider. Milo's first trip down his new ramp went perfect as it's not near as steep as the old one. We built it on our flatbed trailer which served as a nice work bench. My knees don't work like they use to or we would've built it where it needed to be. And like we figured, after putting it together we couldn't carry it ourselves. So my skidloader got fired up to do the job. I told my wife we have machines to help us, we will use them.
  10. Saturday was a fun day. Went on the local tractor ride. NEPOWESHEICKCOFARMALLS came up and joined the party. We decided to ride 756's. His looks pretty good considering last winter he laid it on its side. I drove the one that's considered the wife's, her dad bought it new. That ones pretty special at our house. 37 tractors total, including my relatives we had 6 tractors there, 5 red ones and one 8N Ford. Wife's grandpa bought it new. It's got the underdrive, direct, and overdrive transmission. Kinda fun to drive. Here's some pictures of our tour of northeast Marshall county Iowa. Sprinkles were on the horizon and when we got close to my house we turned towards home. And the last half dozen miles or so, we turned the horses loose 👍. Hopefully SHEICK will add some pictures to. We looked at his best (back)🙊 side most of the day. His camera was getting plenty of use as well. Enjoy the pictures, hopefully they tell a little about what we got to see.
  11. Getting ready for silage time. We have the wagons ready, but our tractors all need a bath yet. Thought some pictures would be fun, so here you are. Three series of 14's.
  12. I started my day by opening a can of whoop a$$ on some out of control horse weeds. They had engulfed the rear axles of a old IH truck I have and a small tractor was disappearing as well. So the war was on. By noon I had accomplished what I wanted. During my morning workout I found something I'd never seen before. Some kind of moth. It evidently was stuck in the weeds cause when we freed it, it flew away. I'm including a picture in case anyone knows. After my lunch break I cranked up my skidloader and hauled my trimmings away. Next project was weed eater but that got sidelined, no gas. That was my own mistake by not having enough on hand. No biggie as I was gonna call it a day before much longer anyway. So I looked around to see what else I could accomplish before calling it a day. And then I spotted the little H I got at the antique tractor auction this summer. And if you remember it will only run a short time before it dies and won't start again. So I decided to try and diagnose the problem. Hit the starter and as usual it lit right up. After probably 30 seconds it died. My initial thought was it was suffocating. The glass jar is missing from the air cleaner. Didn't take the tube off the carb but looked unobstructed. Looked at the sediment bowl, looked cloudy but ok. Next place to look, in the gas tank. And I have my answer. Theirs a lot of sediment over the top of the sediment bowl. Over time gas seeps down through just not fast enough to keep it running. So I at least know what's wrong. I'll order a screen to put in the sediment bowl that sticks up in the tank, rinse the tank, and be good. I also got word from a friend that a project that was supposed to be done before the power show is on the docket for sooner rather than later. I'm definitely not complaining, he was busy, I was busy, and it wasn't important enough to work on it when it was 118 heat index.
  13. Here's our line up for Saturday's show in Garwin, Iowa. From left to right. #1.1971-826 serial number 16846 pulling I'm assuming a 70's era Big Butch wagon. A complete Big Butch setup. Box, hoist, and gear all Big Butch brand. Low use wagon still wearing it's original tires and rims. Wagon #2, Calhoun barge box UNFORTUNATELY still on the Bradford gear. My intention was to have it switched for show day but it just didn't happen. I'm glad I took it tho. Talked with a couple from Eldora, Iowa. They remember where it was sold new and the building is still standing. How cool is that? He loved the original stencil and hoped we kept it inside which we do. #2. My SMTA. It got to go simply cause it was handy when I was loading early in the morning. #3. 1970-826 serial number 13344. It to was handy and I simply wanted it there with the 71. #4. Dad in laws SMTA serial number 63135. He started farming with it. Notice the every other one going on? It was a happy accident. Not pictured. The Navy tractor took up sick after we got there. Starts and runs but something kinda grinds. So it never got unloaded. And I'm not tearing into it till after August. IH is the feature in Marshalltown so it'll be there regardless. Gonna unload it in the morning. Unless something really goes haywire, it'll be in Marshalltown. And my nephew drove his great grandfather 826 but parked elsewhere. I'm adding a couple extra pictures so the wagons show up better.
  14. It started off great. Our hounds let us sleep in this morning. They must've known it was a holiday to cause that never happens. Next up, feed the critters, indoors and outdoors. Grab a light breakfast. Then it's picture time. And I mean looking through old film photos. So that dates them back. Found what I wanted in probably 10 minutes. Take a quick peak at radar to see if I can mow. It's way out of hand. But it's nice when I'm trucking during the week and wet on the weekends. Clear as can be. So outside I go to get it ready. A pop up shower delayed things but not long. Got it going only to realize not much gas around. So I mowed what I could. Let's just say the front yard looks good. It's only 1:30 so what now? Jasmine our 13.5 year old yellow lab wants to go for a ride. We load her up, grab a few empty gas cans, and head to town. Get gas and tour the big cemetery on the north end of Marshalltown. Very few flags out which was kinda disappointing. Head back towards home. Green Mountain cemetery is full of flying flags. That was awesome. We then take the scenic route to Union Grove Lake. Not much wildlife out but the dog is happy. We then visit Chapel Church cemetery. Wife has a few relatives buried there. We realized her grandparents have been gone 20 years. We're just about to leave when we realize our good friend and neighbor had a sign by his dad's grave. Pretty neat. Snapped a picture so I could share it with all of you. He's the Orange collector in the neighborhood. And this afternoon after all this I opened my email. My buddy in Tennessee bought a 5088 in Texas, brought it home, worked on it a bit, and sold it to a guy in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia guy sent him the second picture. I had a similar idea with my navy tractor. But mother nature didn't cooperate very well, again. Anyway, had to share the pictures. Hope everyone had a great memorial day.
  15. So the boys added a 1466 to the collection. A couple pictures of the ole heifer. They first installed the chrome pipe (no tractors here without a chrome pipe) set it for 30 in. rows and then of course had to put on the ice and snow insurance. She runs out nearly perfect, has almost 11,000 hrs.
  16. Tuck in the back ready for winter wrench time. Not much snow here so far to run them or push any out of the way.
  17. I am often accused of always being willing to help my friends and neighbors. We had all our harvest equipment put away for the year when a friend called and asked what I was doing. I said well...... what do you need? Needless to say 9 degrees does not make for thick enough ice to hold up the 1680. Had to leave a three acre spot, but the rest of his bean crop is now in the bin. My boys say, Dad you are way too nice, and I said if I hadn't gone you two would have. Stuck it on the first round, but the rest went just fine. Happy to have good people to work with, as he would have done the same for me.
  18. So, I have been keeping an eye out for a good looking, original, low hour tractor for some time (isn't everyone?). I didn't want anything too large and wanted an IH diesel. This will do some pasture mowing, moving round bales and road maintenance as I have 1/2 mile of lane to maintain. I spotted this 686 on a sale bill and was lucky enough to get it bought today. It is a 1977 with the IH 312 and 3200hrs. Hoods are original paint. The fenders and back half have had some touch up but the entire machine is clean. T/A works, 6 x 75lb weights on front and one set of splits on the rear. No fluid in the tires. Firestones on the rear. Had large goofy steps bolted on from previous owner but I found the original step and purchased it also.
  19. Finally dry enough and warm enough to get into the field. We had an excavator take the trees out of the western fenceline this winter. Dad made a few passes with the plow and I hit it with the disc. Gonna be some big bonfires, that one pile makes the 1486 seem insignificant!
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