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Found 16 results

  1. Test

  2. Sun dogs

    First sun dogs I have seen this winter. It was about 6 degrees and wind at around 30 mph. Not nice for man or beast. Yesterday it was 45 degrees. Wish it would just stay cold in January and not get above freezing. Much better for the cattle.
  3. Pullers for Christmas

    So my Dad has hand made and customized toys since before I was born. Now Dad is building toys for his grandkids. Each of the grandkids is getting a custom puller, some have two. Here are a few that were given this year. A 5488, 5288, 1466, 1206 and a stock class 1486 as he already has a superstock and requested the 1486. Thought y'all would enjoy the pictures.
  4. Pre'39 IHC plow day

    Thought you guys would like to see a few ol girls having some fun. I think we drivers had fun too.
  5. Local Tractor show

    Some pictures for you of our local tractor show. Second time they did it. We had a good turn out of red!
  6. Went to a show yesterday

    I had an invite to drop by this show from a member here. I normally hear about it a day or two after it is over so I loaded up the wife and son and stopped by yesterday on our way to the birthday party of a family friend. The weather was nearly perfect and I enjoyed the conversation with Brian and others. Enjoy the pictures. Namesake of the club I believe. Keck Gonnerman was mfg in Mt Vernon Indiana which is close by. I took pictures of all colors but will start with our favorite color of red Super M with plow and a lot of weight I thought this WK-40 was sharp. Not sure if there was any electric parts originally or not but it was nice 55 cub as is the namesake of a member here. Nice looking disc plow also. AV Super H-V Model 200 spreader 460 D 340 utility 4586 600 with signs of a little antique pulling 450 350
  7. Came across this 1456

    I spotted this a month or so ago but never had time to stop and look until tonight. Enjoy the pics. 2 remotes, 2 sets of rear weights, 6 or so suitcase weights up front, long axles, deluxe pre-cleaner, T/A delete, new front tires, worn rears, dual PTO Quite the time capsule since it has 0 hours. Probably NOS dealer hold over from 1971
  8. Trying pic

    Progress, but still not right side up
  9. demo

  10. Ag Day at our High School

    The FFA had their first Ag Day at our high school today. One of my boys is in the FFA so of course we got to help. It was a beautiful day. Pictures of some of the tractors the kids convoyed to school with. Also a pic of the some grade school kids that all got to hay ride over to check out the animals and the tractors of course.
  11. 5488 at auction (with other colors)

    A buddy and I attended an auction today chasing a 5488 for his brother Who couldn't attend. We didn't have any luck buying it but I did take a couple pics. $16K at the hammer duals, full rack of weights, square front axle, inline fuel pump, 4650hrs There were several tractors at the sale. Most were pretty clean without too many hours. The 5488 was the only IH there. White 2-135, 3800hrs $7K White 2-135, 3700hrs duals $6750 White 2-150, $4000 JD 4020 diesel, original, straight/clean $9500 JD 4640 #1 duals, weights $14K JD 4640 #2 duals, weights $12,500 JD 4640 #3 duals, weights $12,500 JD 4430 1900hrs (showing) clean $19K JD 4650 turbo 4850hrs $20K
  12. Installing Hyd Clutch Assist

    I'm in the process of restoring a 1968 farmall 1256. The guy that I purchased it from had recently installed an new heavy duty clutch. The heavy duty part sounded great in theory but I've found its not so practical for use. I'm a young guy and I like to think that I'm in decent shape and after using the tractor for a long period of time I can't even hold the clutch in for more than a few second without my leg beginning to shake from the strain. Im about to start painting the tractor so I decided now is the time to add a hyd assist if i can find one. My question is will a hyd assist from a 66 series work on this tractor or do I need to find a certain one? Any modifications that need to be made to make it fit or how hard is it to install. I've never dealt with these before as the other tractors that I've had in the past were 706/826/856 that didn't have or need one. Any advice appreciated. Here's some pics of the tractor if anyone is interested. She was pretty rough when I found her but she was running and had just had a decent amount of work done to her. I've spent the last year finding and adding parts as well as cleaning it up. Beginning to paint parts of it now but I'll wait to share those pics until its done. I can't decide whether to restore it with the duals that are on it in the pics or put the new firestones on it that I have in the corner.
  13. M&W pump linkage.

    Gona put a dt466 with a M&W pump in my 1066 . Any body have one in there already that could show a picture of how they made the throttle linkage work?Any help appreciated.
  14. Had a show/drive locally on Saturday

    We have a small local car/tractor show to kick off the county fair each year. I made it up there in time for the tractor drive since our FB Young Leader group puts it on. It was smaller than usual this year because of the excessive heat. I took a few pictures in between sweat droplets. We did 44 miles on the drive and there were no breakdowns. The oldest tractor was a 1951 MH 44 and the newest was a 2016 CIH 75C with 3 hours on it. I had the pleasure of getting to talk with another forum member that came over from Indiana to ride with us. He and his son came last year but we didn't have the opportunity to talk. Paul, it was a pleasure chatting with you on Saturday. on my way to town My neighbor acquired this a while back. It is an early 706D. Most of his tractors shine nicely and I'm sure this one will also one of these days. 460 Gas Super C Cub B 706 Gas that came in for the drive
  15. Side Dressing Corn

    Couple cool pics of side dressing with the 856. I love using this tractor, just wish the cab wasn't so frickin noisy! Bought this Progressive Applicator this spring, came from Indianapolis, well cared for by the original owner, works very well. Located in Central Michigan this corn is 3 weeks old, around 8 leaves, need rain! Best view in the world!
  16. 5488 EZ-Steer Chisel Plowing

    Finally got my EZ-500 and EZ-Steer all setup. You can see in the video how I mounted the EZ 500 and the T2 Compensator, the mount works real well and is solid as a rock. I made the mount tall, planning to cut in down now that I have used it and seen what I need. I don't know how we ever lived without auto steer. The time, fuel, fatigue saved is so nice. I can skip passes at the headland so I don't have to turn so sharp to go back the other way beside my last swath and it comes out dead nuts everytime. Chisel plowing a rough bean field with a 6000 Conser-till, 10 legs running 12" deep in Medium 5. Half of this field had hog manure spread on it, the 5488 was a muddy stinking mess this morning, I power washed for a couple hours before chiseling this clean ground. I need a bigger tool, thinking about a Conser-till 690 disk ripper, anyone have any experience? I don't see the need of a Ecolo 530 as I would not use the depth that the 530 is capable of. We only have around 8-10" of topsoil here.