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  1. .....well, specifically down at the Rainbow Station.. I have had a great run down here...developement work with the Komatsu "dozer and the Hyundia excavator.....drilling pasture or crops with the big green tractor and the Kiwi made drill..."Duncan " made, in fact after leaving the Caterpillar shop ,,,some time in the early 1960's I actually worked for the firm of P and D Duncan....making agricultural implements....a good experience in respect of ''life's endeavours' which lay ahead... Well, at the moment the Hyundai is getting a bit of R and M.....plus a major water
  2. So we have another “what is it” thread. These came with some other stuff at a sale. Obviously they are lenses to something. Railroad lantern? Buggy lights? 4.5” diameter, blue, orange, and green. A stop light would not have had blue. Some colored signal system is all I could think of???
  3. I started another hammer the other day. This one is going to be a rounding hammer which has two faces. One face is flat and the other is convex. The convex face is used against the corner of the anvil to stretch metal. I’ve got the body about where I want it. Just need to grind the faces, heat treat, temper, and fit the handle. Flattened top and bottom first. Next was to upset (mushroom) the faces slightly. Third was to drift the eye. After that was to use the guillotine tool to set in the fullers. Once those were deep enough I used a cross peen to stretch the sides slightly. Added my touc
  4. Local Farm Bureau young leader group put on their annual tractor drive today. I aged out of this group but have been on all but one of these drives over the years. Entry fees support scholarships. Going 40 miles today. All colors represented. I will add pics as we go.
  5. As all of you know I like old GM trucks. 54-72 mainly and I really zone in on the 67-72. It's also no secret my bread and butter is hauling scrap tires from the tire shops to a tire recycler. Matter of fact in a few days, June 30th, 2020 will be 22 years of it. So I've seen my fair share of old tires. Well awhile back on one of my internet browsing\shopping times I found this old 72 GMC. At first I wrote it off. But for some reason I kept finding it back. It's a 6500 series truck. 366 engine, 5&4 double transmission truck, that's a twin screw and is a air brakes chassis as well. So I
  6. Some of you might remember the above post by nepowesheikfarmalls a week or so ago? Well this guy had a few other goodies that Aaron shared with me. One we went and looked at today. A 1970 Chevrolet C50. It's definitely a parts truck. It's no doubt seen better days and past being used as a complete unit. Long story short, I don't need much off it to get my money's worth. Found another truck to take pictures of. A 1960 Chevrolet C60 with a grinder mixer of sorts on it. Get a load of the Detroit engine that powered the mixer. And he shared with me that he knew that they drove it from Pennsy
  7. I like to plant a fair amount of sweet corn each year. We freeze most of it for enjoyment later on and give some away on the ear to friends and neighbors. It’s been wet here this spring so I finally was able to get the sweet corn planted yesterday. Here are some pics. I didn’t know the wife was taking them. Some have little man (3) watching. He was my stake man marking the rows after I planted them. The green planter and I go back to the days when I worked in corn research. After I left they ended up selling that planter. I knew it did a spectacular job so I purchased it.
  8. Friend of mine knows about this tractor but has questions. What does the F-S-Y stand for. S I'm sure is ta with live pto and Y is 12 gpm pump. But we can't figure out the F. It looks like a high crop but the tag doesn't state as such. He's thinking cotton stripper. Can anyone shed some light on this please and thank you.
  9. Friday morning my wife decided she wanted a push lawnmower to get into places I couldn't get with the other mower. I of course had no issues with that. And considering the rebates on everything at Menards and the fact we've needed a few things the last while we'd racked up ALMOST $100 bucks on a rebate card. And if we theoretically applied the 11% off on it it made for a pretty cheap mower. She wanted self propelled and electric start if possible. That meant only one option, a Lawnboy. Only one left in stock so we headed to town. In the 20 minutes it took us to get there it got sold. We
  10. At least that's what I've heard people call them. Have another friend that calls them STINKY OR SMELLY ones. Regardless of what you call them and whether or not you do or don't like them this one is pretty cool. I myself am more of a 26-56 series guy but I do like this one. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye, figured out who owned it, and got permission to have a look cause I knew it would make some good eye candy here. Enjoy😁👍! Not sure what the fenders are from? And I noticed a pedal\lever by the park lock. Is that a foot pedal for the gas?
  11. Had some fun today. Set up a mini truck show. And here's what they are. On the left is a 1970 Chevy C60 Custom Cab. 427 engine, 5 speed transmission with 3 speed rear ends. It's considered a 15 speed truck. It's a twin screw truck with air brakes and has a 24 foot Omaha Standard box. That baby would've made quite a cob truck back in the day with that big box. My guess, you'd have to shell at least 2000 bushel to fill it. In the middle is a 1972 Chevy C60 Custom Cab. 427 engine, 5 speed transmission, and a Eaton 2 speed rear end. It's also a air brakes and air tag truck. On its back is a 1
  12. Tuesday morning when I left I assumed it would be another boring day on the road. Parts were and others were definitely not boring. The first part was boring cause I travel that 62.5 miles to the tire disposal plant almost every day. Other than a Canadian goose that got scmucked it was the same old same old. Headed east on Interstate 80. And other than people handing food to the truckers at the big Super Coop east of Des Moines, Iowa, which I thought was awesome, there wasn't much to see. Their were times I couldn't see any one out the windshield or in my rearview mirrors it was that quiet out
  13. Anybody out seeding or doing field work yet? Spring is a little ways away here yet and some field pics would be a good pick me up.
  14. Helped shell this baby out several times some 35-40 years ago. Biggest crib I remember from back then. 4 cribs measuring 8 feet wide and 48 feet long under one roof. If memory serves me correctly I think I remember between 2500 and 3000 per crib plus whatever they put on top. It didn't take long to shell the first one cause you didn't get much of what was stored overhead. However the second and third took a lot longer cause you got the overhead stored stuff to come down. We normally shelled two completely out and started on the third before we called it a day making day 2 just a little shorter
  15. Lets see your feeding setups, whether it's tractors, trucks, horses, whatever.
  16. Are GREAT. And I have one. He's been here twice this winter for small rescues. Thursday was one of those days. 99% of the time I'm loaded at home. It's just how it works. So I've got weight for traction. But not Thursday. Empty trailer, 8 drive tires on ice, and my two steer tires had settled in. I wasn't going anywhere on my own. So I called my neighbor twice but no answer. Tried my wife's cousin but same results. I could see my neighbor out feeding his cows and plowing a couple neighbors out. So we went and tracked him down. He'd forgot his phone but would be right up. His heavy tractor got
  17. Thought I would share my 2020 calendar with you. One of my daughters gave it to me for Christmas. Sorry a few pics are fuzzy, I am not always steady with my phone camera. Enjoy
  18. Monday proved to be a Monday. After the weekend wet snow parking lots were slick. The first malfunction, I spun out going up the hill to the loaded lot. So I put it in reverse and made it the second time. Malfunction #2 happened a few minutes later, hooked up to my empty trailer and same situation. I can backup but can't go forward. After three tries and sliding sideways which got me close to the next trailer I called for reinforcements. A Cat end loader did the trick. I lost a nonessential reflector but that's minor compared to what 2nd shift can do. My tow unit driver said the same thing. He
  19. A friend of mine picked up this 1940 H on Saturday. M & W power governor, brake lock, and throttle. Most of us have seen most of these items. But check out the steering wheel. Can't say I've ever laid eyes on one of those. He claimed it's got some type of internal clutch that makes steering easier.
  20. Monday was a interesting day. Wasn't all that productive but you'll have that. Long story short I ended up at the shop for a couple minor things. In the parking lot, this old GMC Astro 95. It's been setting in a grove the last 30 years or so. Sounds like the transmission is going in a different truck. And somebody wants the tires off the back axle. Can't imagine they'd be any good if their that old. By the way, the shop guy said it had the BIG GREEN MONSTER in it with turbo. I'm assuming he meant a turbo'd 318 Detroit Diesel. He also said it had a unique air box. Sounded like the remainder cou
  21. Is at it again. Nothing surprises me with the night shift anymore. And today was no different. Got to Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday morning after surviving the wind to find what is shown in the pictures. More mayhem. 😏 The first trailer appears to have been hit with a loader. It actually broke the light. I remember when we got that trailer and had the lift gate removed, I was wondering how long before the lights were damaged in their current location? They lasted about a year there. Part of the fix will be moving them to a safer location. Of course not all the expense will be ours. 😁 And
  22. My day started by pulling 8 tires out of my personal inventory. Next I began rounding up all my extra trailer rims. 19 came out of my storage trailer and 2 were already outside. The 19 had to be handled twice to get them on the ground. Of course something else was in the way. One got put back. It was a ball seat rim and I needed hub pilot for today's activities. Then I began sorting and matching up. Ones with decent paint were reserved for outside positions. And the ones with not much paint were reserved for inside positions. The majority of them were 5 hand hole which I like better myself. Th
  23. Our house isn't very friendly for old people and pets. We have three entrances and all of them have steps. We also have two senior pets. Jasmine is now 14.25. And Milo is around 10. But he hasn't had a good life. He's been rehomed 3 times now. His first owner obviously didn't train him well. His second owner admitted to kicking him in the butt a lot so his back hips aren't the best. So we have a ramp out our south door leading to their kennel so they don't have to use the steps. As you will see in the pictures the old ramp had lived it's life. So we built a new one this afternoon. A little lon
  24. Saturday was a fun day. Went on the local tractor ride. NEPOWESHEICKCOFARMALLS came up and joined the party. We decided to ride 756's. His looks pretty good considering last winter he laid it on its side. I drove the one that's considered the wife's, her dad bought it new. That ones pretty special at our house. 37 tractors total, including my relatives we had 6 tractors there, 5 red ones and one 8N Ford. Wife's grandpa bought it new. It's got the underdrive, direct, and overdrive transmission. Kinda fun to drive. Here's some pictures of our tour of northeast Marshall county Iowa. Sprinkles wer
  25. Getting ready for silage time. We have the wagons ready, but our tractors all need a bath yet. Thought some pictures would be fun, so here you are. Three series of 14's.
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