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Found 2 results

  1. Neighbor inherited this gem from his uncle,it has to be one of the last M’s built, has all the goodies power steering , live hydraulics and PTO .
  2. Red Tractor Fever and I purchased items on the same online auction (held by Aumann) on election night. We had a strategy to purchase just what would fit on his semi. He had never loaded a full trailer at a sale and wanted to check that off his list! Pickup day arrived and we jumped in his semi and headed to Maquoketa, IA. We had a scheduled load time of 11 AM. Soon, we were parked in the field adjacent to the highway and before we had all the chains and binders laid out, the Aumann staff stopped by and grabbed our load out tickets. Soon, our purchases began to stage near the trailer. The Louisville Super M with the single front wheel was first. The brother of the gentleman (who had passed away and collected all these machines) was at the controls of an excavator. Soon, the Super M was hoisted above the trailer and positioned above the hitch backwards. He had driven to Texas with his brother when they hauled this particular Louisville SM home. It had a huge loader boom on it then and was used to move items around the property for years. Next, the transition grille SM was towed on, with Fever at the wheel. Moments later, it was nestled alongside the Louisville. The SM LP was next. The excavator loaded it backwards behind the transition SM. My 656 LP was next. Another gentleman (helping with the load out )informed me that his Grandfather had farmed with it for years nearby in the community of Delmar. He informed me that when his grandfather quit farming, the tractor came to live here. He assured me that a new battery was all it needed to run. They had filled the propane tank this spring and used it to pull other machines out prior to the auction. I had noted that the guage showed 60%. A large telehandler soon had the 656 loaded up. Then, the little 140 was added to the rear of the load. The brother informed me that the 140 ran well and had been stored in a semi trailer until the auction prep began. Fever and I chained down the load. I checked my watch, nearly 3:30 PM. Not bad. We chuckled a few times on the way home. Apparently, our load attracted a little attention as cars would slow down as they passed (for a better look)! Nearly dark when we arrived back at his place, the load was left for the night. Plus, Fever wanted to feed the rumor mill about his new load of treasures! He has more than one neighbor that keeps track of his activities. The following morning, I returned to his place for photos (my camera died at the auction site). We have not yet unloaded, that adventure will wait for another day!
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