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Found 1 result

  1. It all started yesterday. Got up Friday morning thinking it would be a run of the mill day. Man was I wrong. My day started with putting a new set of tires on my wife's pickup. It was overdue but that's not relevant here. Wife had a hair appointment at noon and we got groceries and ran errands after that. One of our stops was our vet. And that set the stage. They had placed a truck in the parking lot accepting donations for pet food for disaster relief victims. And it's a free for all. You can donate or take from it depending on your situation. And for those of you who don't know us, if pets are in need, we get involved. Headed out to our local farm store, picked up some cat and dog supplies to donate. Put it in the truck about 2pm. By 4pm we'd got a text it was gone. So we hatched a plan to donate some more. So today was a busy day. Got up and headed up to Reinbeck, Iowa. That's where we get our dog food. They were closed and that never happens. But luckily someone showed up to do some banking. So we raided there supply. And ordered some more. Informed them of our intent to donate 99% of what we got. Thought it was neat. The guy had to ask the owner but thought they might donate some to the cause. And when they placed the next order they were gonna ask if they're supplier would donate some as well. So things are in motion. Next stop, after making our donation, Des Moines, Iowa. My wife wanted to take a hand knit teddy bear to be judged and exhibited at the Iowa State Fair. Headed back to Marshalltown. Wife wanted to see how much was gone. Some was but not all. Then it was supper time. Stopped at the local Maid Rite. One of the things Marshalltown is known for. Get some sandwiches to go. On my way out I held the door for two women, complete strangers. One of them thanked me and said she knew I was gonna do that. I told her we do things different here. She was from southern California and said I know, you Iowa guys are wonderful. And those are her words not mine. And on a side note, those new tires already have 250+ miles on them. Most of them today.😃 It was a busy day but feels really good to help people that really need it.
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