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Found 1 result

  1. I don't usually give raving reviews like this, but I'm going to. I buy a lot of things online. Parts, books, Christmas gifts, even recently my wife bought her groceries online. I buy a fair amount of service books, owners manuals and such when I'm working on something and need a book. Last year I bought a manual from Peaceful Creek. I don't remember if it was an owners manual or the service manual, but it was a reprint for a 4586. I was really impressed with the quality, and the price! I knew the next manual I needed I was going to check with them first. So, I now have 2 544 gas hydro tractors with hydro issues I'm slated to work on and I needed the complete service manual set. I went straight to Peaceful Creek, but they only offered a service set for the 544 gear drive tractors. So, I sent them an email asking if they had (and I was just overlooking it on the website) a SM set for a 544 hydro. I do not know if it was the owner, but I assume it was, a man named Tyler replied within a few hours. He told me he didn't have a manual set that I requested, but to let him know what the numbers were for the books and he would help me out. I sent over the list of about 6 different books that would make up the SM set for a hydro 544. Tyler got copies of those books, reprinted them and put together a SM package for me and got it delivered to my door in about 8 days! This is no nasty reprint either. Near perfect scans of the original manuals. Including color fold outs, printed on heavy paper (22# I believe), and in a 3 ring binder with a cover.... for under $60 to my door!!! This SM package book has 12 independent books in it and covers EVERY version of the 544/2544 tractors, and every system! I am beyond impressed! It came boxed, wrapped in paper, wrapped in cellophane, with the book pages wrapped in shrink packaging and bubble wrap. I had to put it into the binder. No way were the pages getting damaged or wet in shipping. Binder Books is obsolete now as far as I am concerned. They wanted $250 for the same package set! If you need an owners, parts, service or any other book, contact Peaceful Creek! Tyler is the guy you want to buy books from! peacefulcreek.com Check them out! If he doesn't have what you want, as good as he was to me I'm betting he will get any book you need. But you can't call.... you have to email him. No phone number listed, but I am confident Tyler will get back to you. Top notch, gentlemen! Give these guys as much business as they can handle! Here's a quick picture of the book I recieved. (Batman cup for size reference, lol.)
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